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The Preacher and the Press
How Billy Graham got the mainstream media to broadcast God's message to the world.
Died: Michael Cromartie, the Church’s Ambassador to Washington
The late DC leader is remembered for his integrity, friendship, and bridge-building between Christians and the media.
Recent Documentaries Look to Restore Faith in a Storied Free Press
A slate of four films highlight journalists' ongoing quest to share truth.
Q+A: Inside Edition's Megan Alexander on 'Faith in the Spotlight'
The popular journalist shares about staying true to her faith in the TV news industry.
Putting Our Money Where Our Eyes Are Subscriber access only
Subscribing to periodicals for the common good.
I Know Why the Government Went after Pro-Life Investigative Journalists Subscriber access only
For those determined to speak out according to our deeply held beliefs, the price tag is becoming increasingly steep.
A Beautiful Escape Subscriber access only
CT transcends the bitter realism in and outside the church.
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Are We Putting Too Much Faith in Video? Subscriber access only
What you see isn't all you get.
Morning Roundup 7/22/15
Spotting Fake News; Women in Church; Young Girls Are Watching
Morning Roundup 3/3/15
Small Groups; Suspect Thy Neighbor; Coming Out as a Christian
Why It Matters That the Exodus Really Happened Subscriber access only
No less than Western law, the civil rights movement, and Christianity itself rest on the historicity of the biblical event.
Why We Need a Beautiful Orthodoxy Subscriber access only
What we hope you see in every CT article.
What’s the Truth Behind Serial? Only God Knows Subscriber access only
Inconclusive storytelling stirs our longing for justice.
Morning Roundup 9/10/14
Unwelcome; Lisa Desjardins' Goodbye; Reduced Sentence Request Rejected
The Internet Never Forgets Subscriber access only
European decision does more to preserve reputations than protect privacy.
Morning Roundup 3/17/14
7 Marriage Warning Signs; The Huffington Post Gets Religion; Contraception Doublecross
The Top 10 This Is Our City Stories: Editor's Pick
And a bit of what our team learned along the way.
The Normal, Drama-Free, Totally-Healthy Christian Homeschool Movement Subscriber access only
In a culture that loves shock value, typical evangelicalism rarely makes news.
Trauma Counseling for Christian Journalists Subscriber access only
Why we put the new New Life story on the cover.
Perfecting 'The Ask' Subscriber access only
What we learned from Books & Culture’s astounding turnaround.