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Tim Keller, John Piper, and Andy Stanley Among the 12 ‘Most Effective’ Preachers
Baylor’s seminary asked homiletics experts to pick the top English-speaking sermon givers of today’s generation.
The Hottest Thing at Church Is Not Your Pastor or Worship Leader
According to Gallup, it’s the sermon.
From Kuyper to Keller: Why Princeton’s Prize Controversy Is So Ironic
A former winner explains how the seminary honor that once brought the Reformed community together is now splitting it.
Princeton Seminary Reforms Its Views on Honoring Tim Keller
School rescinds a major theology prize amid complaints over women’s ordination.
Tim Keller Stepping Down as Redeemer Senior Pastor
The influential Reformed leader is moving away from his NYC pulpit as his church becomes three.
A New School Year Starts, and Many Seminarians Are Staying Put Subscriber access only
More students are choosing schools for geographical convenience rather than theological affinity, says seminary president.
Finding My Place in The Gospel Coalition Subscriber access only
Where do women belong in complementarian organizations?
Bright Lights, Big Cities Subscriber access only
Shifting demographics broaden opportunities for urban and suburban Christians.
Morning Roundup 9/4/14
Conservative Christians; Wrong Kind of Christian; Gay Marriage
Singer in the City Subscriber access only
An enchanting voice out of New York’s Redeemer Church, Melanie Penn finds herself in her music, her church, and her city.
Tim Keller, Don Carson Explain Why Tullian Tchividjian Was Asked to Leave Gospel Coalition Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Tchividjian apologizes that his public breakup with TGC has 'given the world the justification they're looking for to disbelieve the gospel.'
American Bible Society Selects Bible Translator as New President Subscriber access only
Roy Peterson has led The Seed Company and Wycliffe USA; now he’s heading to Manhattan.
How Julia Child and Tim Keller Schooled Me In Femininity Subscriber access only
True womanhood runs deeper than our girly-girl stereotypes. (Thank God!)
C.S. Lewis's Pen Pal, Kathy Keller Subscriber access only
Keller's childhood correspondence with the revered author led her to Christian faith.
Tim Keller Defends Doug Birdsall, 'Perplexed and Grieved' over Bible Society Firing Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) American Bible Society tells Keller, Leighton Ford, Skip Ryan and others not to disrespect either side.
Church Planting in the City and in a Multi-Ethnic Context: The Next CPLF Gathering
Join us at our Church Planting Leadership Fellowship in November.
Fox News' Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower Subscriber access only
Of all people surprised that I became an evangelical Christian, I'm the most surprised.
Morning Roundup 10/10/13
The Exchange Podcast; 3 Business Books for Pastors; Chaplain Controversy
Morning Roundup 06/13/11
Responding to Criticism; Our Biggest Flaws; What We Value
The Shepherd Subscriber access only
Michael Cromartie is guiding media elites into a more accurate view of conservative Christians.