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Learning to Love Leviticus Subscriber access only
Even those passages about shellfish, mixed fibers, and animal sacrifice.
For I Was a Stranger, and You . . . Subscriber access only
. . . And you what?
We Couldn't Stay Silent Subscriber access only
Love compelled our church to get involved with the immigration issue.
Location, Location, Location Subscriber access only
Top "place" resources for church leaders.
An Everyday Hero Subscriber access only
What does it really look like to love our neighbors as ourselves?
Words used well Subscriber access only
Your words have power.
Law and Les Miserables Revisited Subscriber access only
What if the film shows us a beautiful picture of law as well as gospel?
Why All Christians Can Back Better Gun Control Subscriber access only
My allegiance to Christ trumps my allegiance to this country and its founding documents.
Shari'ah's Uphill Climb Subscriber access only
Does Muslim law have a place in the American landscape?
Why the IRS Has Stopped Auditing Churches—Even One that Calls President Obama a Muslim Subscriber access only
Decision on who can authorize investigations of churches that influence voters is frozen for foreseeable future.
Dancing with Caesar Subscriber access only
How can we engage politics in Christ-honoring ways?
When the World Shakes
Suffering reveals the impotence of our idols
Meanwhile, Love the Sojourner
How Phoenix Christians are helping illegal immigrants as they wait for the economy—and the law—to change.
Greeting as Ministry (free sample)
How the usher/greeter's role fits into the ministry of the church.
Declining to Photograph a Same-Sex Ceremony: Is It Legal to Refuse a Gay Client? Subscriber access only
A court in New Mexico says no. We map the arguments.
California's Gay Marriage Case Likely Headed to Supreme Court Subscriber access only
Ruling paves way for High Court to review Proposition 8.
How Mitt Romney Could Pitch Himself as Mormon Freedom Fighter Subscriber access only
The Republican presidential candidate can appeal to evangelicals by standing against global persecution.
Why Jerry Falwell Sr. Isn't Rolling In His Grave over Romney's Liberty Invitation Subscriber access only
And what the university's invitation to the Mormon candidate says about evangelical political engagement.
How Evangelicals Have Shifted in Public Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage Subscriber access only
And what President Obama's announcement could mean politically and legally.
Sex Offender Misstep Illustrates Outreach Difficulties Subscriber access only
A law prohibiting convicted sex offenders from living near a public-school bus stop created complications for one ministry.