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You Don't Accidentally Evangelize: If You Don’t Prioritize It, It Won’t Happen
We need to bring intentionality to our gospel witness today.
6 Keys to Reproducing Normal-Size Churches
All churches can, and should, reproduce.
One-on-One with J.D. Greear on the Gospel ‘Above All’ Else
“What the church needs now is what the church has always needed: a return to the gospel.”
Partisan Evangelicals and the Burning of the Mission Field
When Christians opt for political power, the gospel mission is undermined.
A Disappearing Missionary Impulse
We should empower all of God’s people to dream as missionaries again.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 8 - Continually Celebrate Kingdom Advance
Celebration is the best medicine against the lethargy of discouragement.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 7 - Add In Order to Multiply
There are three elements of addition that must undergird any church that wants sustainable multiplication.
Is the World's Next Missions Movement in Ethiopia? Subscriber access only
Ethiopian churches no longer want to be on the receiving end of the Great Commission.
When Mary Holds Their Hand Subscriber access only
Muslims love the mother of Jesus. But can she be a bridge to Christianity?
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 6 - Send Co-Vocational Teams
When so-called “secular” work is seen as part of the mission, it can aid the church reproducing the process.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 5 - Prime the Pump
What is the most important step in becoming a multiplying church? The first step.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 4 - Live Off of Less
Leaders must continually evaluate what they can do without.
The Church is on the Move
Christianity is and always will be a mobile faith.
The ‘Marks’ of Our Churches: Keeping from Mission Drift
What are the things that undergird the church itself?
As Violence Escalates in Burkina Faso, Family of Slain Missionary Keeps Serving
Mike Riddering died in the attack that brought about a new era of terrorism in the West African country. Now his relatives are working to bring about revival.
Strangers in the Land of Startups
A US missions agency is changing the way Spain’s tech hub engages its influx of migrants.
8 Simple (but Not Easy) Rules for Movement: Part 3 - Making and Multiplying Kingdom Disciples
Multiplication is what Jesus’ people do.
Bible Translation Projects Are Preserving Endangered Languages
While the world loses a language every 40 days, translation efforts bring new life to threatened tongues.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 2 - Taking Spiritual Responsibility for Your Jerusalem
The second key to multiplication is to take responsibility for our place.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 1 - Owning Our Commission
Over the next eight Mondays, we will examine each of these rules.