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From Jim Elliot to John Allen Chau: The Missionary-Martyr Dilemma
The latest death on the mission field challenges the church to rethink a view of martyrdom as peak adventure.
US Missionary Killed by ‘World’s Most Isolated’ Tribe
John Allen Chau returned to the prohibited island even after being shot: “It's worth it to declare Jesus to these people.”
The Necessity of Teachability for Mission
The church needs a resurgence in teachability if we’re going to see a movement of evangelism in our day.
Violence Isn’t the Only Threat to Evangelism in Nigeria
The Anglican Archbishop of Jos discusses the gospel's endurance through intense persecution and casual indifference.
Preoccupied with Love: Introducing the Amplify 2019 North American Evangelism Conference
Instead of being preoccupied by problems, we can be preoccupied by the promise of redemption.
The One Thing Worse Than Being Spiritually Lost
But what could possibly be worse than being lost?
Gordon-Conwell Appoints Acclaimed Fuller Missiologist as Next President
Scott Sunquist will be the third global missions expert leading a top seminary.
Dealing with Disillusionment
We can step into the disillusionment of those around us for the sake of God’s mission.
Training Inmates for Ministry Inside Maximum Security Prisons
Not unlike closed mission fields, this population needs acculturated ministers.
Kingdom Patriotism
When we are captivated by the great treasure of Christ and his Kingdom, we’re positioned to winsomely invite others to join us
The Myth of Missionary Neutrality
Everything we do either propels God’s mission forward or hinders the embodiment of his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
Announcing ‘Ed Stetzer Live’ on Moody Radio
Moody Radio is launching the new Saturday morning talk show on September 15.
The Metrics of Mission: How to Count What Counts
Five examples of kingdom behaviors that should be quantified.
How Cultural Attachments of Yesterday Diminish Our Effectiveness Today
Evangelism in a postmodern context is predicated on listening well.
Europe’s Big Mission Field: Nominals Subscriber access only
How do you persuade someone who already thinks they’re a Christian to become one?
So, What Comes After Church Growth?
Characteristics of the Church Growth Movement itself present challenges to church multiplication.
God’s Global Mission in an Era of the Autonomous Self
How do we approach mission work in a context of hyper-individuality and globalization?
Missionary Identity
The reality is, Christians are interlopers. We are strangers and foreigners.
Introducing Missio Mondays
“Come to me,” Jesus says, “and I will make you fishers of men.”
The Great Commission Starts in Your Backyard
For parents, our most important mission field is closer than we think.