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Pastoring the One When You’d Rather Pastor the Ninety-Nine
Personal attention is a minister’s inefficient imperative.
Between Doing And Delegating – The Essential Step To Overcome Pastoral Burnout
You can’t do everything yourself. And you can’t delegate tasks to people who haven’t been discipled. They have to be equipped first.
If You Want to Evangelize, Try Talking About the Weather
Why small talk and friendship are fundamental to faith formation.
Why You Can't Predict Church Growth, But You Can Predict Church Failure (And, Thankfully, Church Health)
Church growth is a mystery. Church failure is predictable. Church health is what really matters.
Wheaton's New Partnership with Christ Fellowship Miami: How You Can Earn Your M.A.
These new Master's students will study in Chicago in the summer and Miami in the winter.
Pastors and Power: Part 4
What Does It Look Like to Embody Gospel-Shaped Power?
Power and Pastors: Part 3
Jesus schooled the world on how to understand and exert power.
The Most Successful Pastor You’ve Never Heard Of
No matter what you think success in ministry looks like, this pastor is the real deal.
Should We Rethink the 30-minute Sermon Lecture?
Our message should encompass both Scripture and our congregants questions.
Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR Guru Subscriber access only
Mark DeMoss represented Christian organizations through highs and lows, but we’re all tasked with representing Christ.
Churches That Play Together Stay Together
Pastors report the congregational gains of letting loose as a body.
Power and Pastors: Part 2
Too many Christians fail to consider the propensity leaders have to abuse power.
Power and Pastors: Part 1
Recovering A Biblical Understanding of Power
The Church Growth Gap: The Big Get Bigger While the Small Get Smaller
The US congregations most likely to grow are the 10 percent that already have more than 250 worshipers.
Give Us This Day Our Daily Plan
How I’m learning to lead God’s people one basket of manna at a time.
From Mars Hill to Harvest: Hope for a Wounded Church
How Christians care for one another when their leaders fall.
The Danger of “Christian” Infamy
Fallen flesh doesn’t like simply being sent. We’d rather build our own tower for our own glory.
The One Change Every Small Church Pastor Needs To Make
We need to move the from doing ministry for people, to the biblical pastoral model of equipping God’s people to do ministry.
Should We Keep Studying a Fired Pastor’s Work?
After LifeWay pulls James MacDonald’s Bible studies, Christians consider if and when a leader’s teachings remain edifying after a scandal.
Small Town Pastors See More Than Small Wonders Subscriber access only
Rural ministry is experiencing a resurgence in the US even as economic and demographic numbers continue their decline.