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Christian Foster Parents Lose Kids over Easter Bunny. Court Disagrees.
Canadian couple celebrate religious freedom victory: “We knew … God would take care of us.”
After Baptism Gone Wrong, Court Weakens Church Protections
Oklahoma Supreme Court says membership matters most in tortured ex-Muslim’s lawsuit.
Died: R. C. Sproul, Reformed Theologian Who Founded Ligonier Ministries
Late PCA leader influenced generations of Christians by filling the gap “between Sunday school and seminary.”
Should Churches Keep Their Civil War Landmarks?
How historic congregations grapple with Confederate legacy.
Princeton Seminary Reforms Its Views on Honoring Tim Keller
School rescinds a major theology prize amid complaints over women’s ordination.
Tim Keller Stepping Down as Redeemer Senior Pastor
The influential Reformed leader is moving away from his NYC pulpit as his church becomes three.
Bucking the Trend, Erskine Seminary Takes Steps to Split from College
While financial woes prompt many seminaries to consolidate, Erskine’s are causing it to take a step away.
PCA Goes Back to Where It Started: Women’s Ordination
Meanwhile, the shrinking PCUSA makes plans to recover its identity.
Presbyterian Church in America Apologizes for Old and New Racism
The denomination took a year to get its apology just right.
Unity in the Body and Working Relationships Beyond
What are the limits of cross-denominational partnership?
Exploring Evangelicalism: The Presbyterian Church in America
Dr. Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church and former Chancellor of Covenant Theological Seminary shares about the Presbyterian Church in America.
Died: Menes Abdul Noor, 85, Former Pastor of Middle East’s Largest Evangelical Church Subscriber access only
Author/translator of 100 books, Abdul Noor used literacy campaigns and Bible-based preaching to spread the gospel.
Should Denominations Apologize for Racial Acts They Didn’t Commit? Subscriber access only
The Presbyterian Church in America debates the sins of its fathers.
Morning Roundup 5/28/15
Replying to "The State of the PCA"; Evangelicals Search for Credibility; Casual Christianity
Morning Roundup 5/20/15
Evangelical Protestants; Joe Thorn; State of the PCA
Evangelicals Unite as Mennonites Mull How to Keep Peace over Sexuality Subscriber access only
Conservatives announce alternative to Mennonite Church USA: Evana.
PCUSA Makes Marriage a 'Unique Commitment' Subscriber access only
Majority of presbyteries vote to no longer limit marriage to a man and a woman.
PC(USA) Divests From Some Israeli Holdings. Does It Matter? Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) The divestment of the 1.8 million-member denomination may have symbolic power, but how much?
Morning Roundup 6/25/14
Umpires Baptized; Presbyterian Church Planting; Colleges and Evangelicals Collide on Bias
PC(USA) Permits Pastors To Perform Same-Sex Marriages, Thanks to Conservative Exodus Subscriber access only
Now 172 regional bodies must ratify 'two people' redefinition of marriage, passed by 3 to 1 margin.