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Unwrapping the Gift of Reconciliation this Christmas
Like Christmas itself, we can become nostalgic about reconciliation rather than embrace the messy grace and humility that it requires.
Power in the Plate Subscriber access only
The history of our food speaks of injustice— and invites us to redemption.
6 Principles Healthy Churches Use To Deal With Conflict Well
We have an obligation as leaders to have a plan in place to resolve conflicts in the healthiest way possible.
Lord, Deliver Us from Passive-Aggressive Conflicts
Every church has elephants in the narthex. Here are four ways to root them out.
In Shadow of Death, Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews Relapse on Reconciling
The body of Christ is breaking in Israel amid Jerusalem embassy move and Gaza border violence.
Colombia’s Next President Could Be an Evangelical Woman
Viviane Morales explains why truth and repentance will heal the scarred South American nation more than prison sentences for FARC rebels.
The Palms, the Temple, and the Nations
What made Jesus explode in the Temple on Monday is actually related to his Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday.
Poured Out for the Church
Releasing the desire to be right, even when you’ve been wronged
Black and White Christian Leaders Lament Charlottesville
Conference call tries to turn ‘pain and anger’ into ‘resolve and commitment.’
Fellow Christian, I’m Going To Assume The Best Of You – Even If You Don’t Give Me The Same Courtesy
If we look for the worst in people, we’ll get bucketloads of it. If we look for the best, we’ll get that.
How 1,000 Pastors Pursue Racial Reconciliation Subscriber access only
Personal relationships and prayer preferred over preaching and protests.
Face to Face with the Man Who Killed My Son Subscriber access only
“God forgave me. Who am I not to forgive?”
Ministry on the Alaskan Frontier
Curtis Ivanoff talks leadership and reconciliation in America’s most diverse census tract.
I'm Offended! By Easily-Offended Christians
If Christmas comes and goes without a red cup scandal, did it really happen?
Have Coffee With a Radical: The Value of Listening to People We Disagree With
If we’re only hearing from people who think like us, we're missing out on a lot. Politically, theologically and relationally.
A Farewell to Michelle Obama
No matter where you stand politically, the First Lady has something to offer the church.
Our Best on Responding to Conflict and Crisis
The best training tools to handle church conflict appropriately.
The New Baptist Covenant: Will It Work? Subscriber access only
Jimmy Carter's attempt to unite Baptists may be a bridge too far for some.
The Church at Its Racial Turning Point Subscriber access only
Five ways forward after the recent tragic events.
The Burden and Promise of Racial Reconciliation Subscriber access only
After Minnesota, Baton Rouge, and Dallas, can we transcend optimism or despair?