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Make American Politics Hopeful Again
How the call to “carry one another’s burdens” breaks down partisan stalemates.
Tim Kaine: We Need All Parts of the Body to Fix Health Care
The Corinthian church reminds us that Democrats and Republicans must work together to care for the least of these.
Young, Female, and Pro-Trump
How white evangelical millennials are defying political predictions.
White Evangelicals Grade Trump, Republicans, and the Media
Pew looks at satisfaction with the election, and what voters think the new president should do first.
Trump Ends Evangelicals and Catholics Together
This election, many of evangelicals’ GOP allies across the Tiber are leaving for Clinton.
Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils? Subscriber access only
Even at the ballot box, morality is not relative.
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Race, Religion, and the Republican Dilemma Subscriber access only
The church has an opportunity to encourage human flourishing even more.
All Christians Are Biased Voters Subscriber access only
Three factors besides faith that shape our politics.
Carly Fiorina Q+A: ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’ Subscriber access only
The candidate on her faith, abortion, and why women make good investment risks.
For Southern Baptists and GOP, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Subscriber access only
Bush, Rubio interviews set at arena-sized missions conference, three months after Ben Carson controversy.
Morning Roundup 6/25/15
Sermon Prep; Jeb Bush's Faith; Religious Nones and Republicans
Morning Roundup 4/15/15
Marco Rubio's Faith; GOP Candidate Support; Hillary's Faith
Morning Roundup 9/2/14
Different Thoughts on Race; Faith and Politics; History in Maps
Pew: How Many Americans Would Be Happy If Their Child Married a 'Born-Again' Christian Subscriber access only
New survey finds even liberals largely favor Christians over other types of marriage partners.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the Politics of Down Syndrome Subscriber access only
Both the right and the left have more to learn.
Politics, Social Media, and More Important Things
All those political rants may be hindering your Christian witness.
Top Three Adversaries of Christian Conservatives: Communism, Islam ... and the Emergent Church? Subscriber access only
Pioneer of biblical investing will take aim at unexpected target during Values Voter Summit.
The Shepherd Subscriber access only
Michael Cromartie is guiding media elites into a more accurate view of conservative Christians.
Obama Pleads for a More Prayerful Washington Subscriber access only
At National Prayer Breakfast, President urges Democrats and Republicans to be less partisan, more prayer-minded. Top faith aide, Josh Dubois, steps down.
Ann Coulter, the R-word, and John Franklin Stephens' Wise Response
Last week Ann Coulter called President Obama a retard. John Franklin Stephens, a 30-year old with Down syndrome, responded with grace and truth.