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Why Russian Protestants Voted for President Putin
Though evangelicals’ freedom has worsened, Putin remains their best, or only, option.
Faith in Russia: What Does It Mean?
Many Russians, be they Orthodox or Evangelical, will understandably view their homeland with affection, loyalty, and patriotism.
CT’s 25 Most-Read Stories on the Persecuted Church
ISIS bombs Egyptian churches, Russia restricts religious freedom, Nepal criminalizes conversion, and more.
Russia’s Fake Facebook Ads Targeted Christians
“Army of Jesus” tried to stir dissension among American voters, Congress reveals.
Jehovah's Witnesses Remain Banned as Russia Rejects Appeal
And most Russians are okay with it.
Defending the Faith (of Others) Subscriber access only
Russian evangelicals’ hesitancy to back Jehovah’s Witnesses could backfire.
Pew: Here’s How Badly Soviet Atheism Failed in Europe
In 18 nations across Central and Eastern Europe, religion is now essential to national identity.
For the First Time, Russia Ranked Among Worst Violators of Religious Freedom
USCIRF annual report expands countries of particular concern.
Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses as Extremists
High court ruling puts pacifist faith in same category as terrorists.
Russia’s Plan to Ban Jehovah’s Witnesses Puts Evangelicals in a Tight Spot
Group gives Protestants competition for souls, but also an ally on religious freedom.
What Evangelicals Living Under Putin Think of Trump
Protestants and Orthodox alike are mostly hopeful about America’s new president.
US Missionary May Get Russia’s Anti-Evangelism Law Overturned
After 32 cases, lawmakers review Yarovaya restrictions on religion. Top courts could follow.
Russia's Ban on Evangelism Is Now in Effect
But how strictly will it be enforced?
Russia: The Other Christian Nation
A cozy relationship between church and state has lasting implications.
Russia's Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church
(UPDATE) Putin signs new restrictions that limit where and how Christians share the gospel.
NGO No-Go: More Countries Make Christian Charity Harder to Give and Receive Subscriber access only
China's restrictions on foreign NGOs are the latest in a concerning trend.
Why Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Made Christian History in Cuba Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) ISIS persecution of Christians prompts first meeting between Catholic and Orthodox primates since 1054.
Ukraine Debates Celebrating Christmas Twice over Crimea Subscriber access only
A global roundup of the politics of Christmas in 2015.
Violence, Persecution Spread in Eastern Ukraine Subscriber access only
Pro-Russian forces condemned for ongoing aggression. Orthodox Church criticized.
Messianic Judaism Flourishes in Holocaust Towns Subscriber access only
Ukrainian Jews who follow Yeshua also plant congregations worldwide.