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The Bible’s Best Description of Salvation Is a Phrase We Rarely Use
How Paul points the way to a fresh way of seeing faith.
Pastor, Why Are You Hiding?
Sin-management strategies rarely work. It’s time to risk moving out from the shadows.
How the Church Becomes a Community of Holiness
Imitating Christ is not just an individual concern but a corporate affair.
Jackie Hill Perry: You Are Not Your Temptations
Three insights for understanding same-sex attraction and sanctification.
I Grew Up in a Ministry Family—and I Hated It
But as I poured out my anger on the world, Jesus was waiting to pour out his perfect love.
Why God Still Works Through Fools Like Samson Subscriber access only
The deeply flawed Old Testament “hero” was set apart for a very specific purpose.
As a New Age Enthusiast, I Fancied Myself a Free Spirit and a Good Person
Then a strange dream, an old friend, and a disturbing psalm woke me up to reality.
Two-Thirds of Americans Admit They Are Sinners
Most agree with Romans 3:23, but disagree on what to do about it.
Jerry Bridges' Pursuit of Holiness Has Come to an End Subscriber access only
The beloved Navigators author and Bible teacher died Sunday.
What Christmas Says to the Impatient Pastor Subscriber access only
The Incarnation gives me permission to accept my slow progress.
The One Jesus Loves Subscriber access only
Who, me?
Community Matters: The Role of Transformational Groups in the Church
Community plays a vital role in the health of the local church. How does the local church develop healthy, life-changing community?
Morning Roundup 8/20/15
Question for Parents; Questions for Worship Leaders; Wanting Sanctification
Unleashed: An Interview with Eric Mason
What does it look like to be made into the likeness of Jesus?
Jesus Wants You to Wait Subscriber access only
Waiting is not something to be avoided or overcome, but to be embraced.
It's All in Your Head Subscriber access only
Scripture places emormous emphasis on the renewal of our minds.
The Sanctified Brain Subscriber access only
Growing in Christ … above the neck.
Growing Into Life Subscriber access only
An interview with Brian Hedges.
Facing Regrets with Prayer and Courage Subscriber access only
An interview with Michelle Van Loon.
Faith and the Brain Subscriber access only
An interview with Dr. Andrew Newberg.