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Missional Atrophy and the Thought Police
Is theological uniformity required in order to trust the missionary intentions of fellow kingdom laborers?
5 Reasons Leaders Should Never Say “I Don’t Like That”
Good leaders never make their decisions based on personal preference. They make decisions based on the mission.
Grow Or Die? Actually, There’s A Third Option – Be A Great Small Church
Church growth principles are important, but we need to know what great small churches look like, too.
What The Church Can Learn From The People Of New York About Being Repairers Of The Breach
When we’re at our best, the church isn’t just another group on one side of the partisan political conflict that pits people against each other.
Evangelical Ethiopian Helps End Orthodox Schism
Africa’s youngest head of state heals the wounds of one of its oldest churches.
“Small Churches Are Better Than Big Churches!” No. Just… No.
Some people prefer small churches over big churches. I do, too. But our personal preferences are not universal truths.
That Discussion You’re Dreading Is a Ministry Opportunity
How to dive into crucial conversations without clamming up or lashing out.
King’s Dream Succeeds If We Study the Bible
Cross-racial partnerships only have lasting power if they’re rooted in Scripture.
Three European Alliances Warn Evangelical-Catholic Unity Is Going Too Far
World Evangelical Alliance explains why Italy, Spain, and Malta leaders shouldn’t fear that global group has fallen for the ‘Francis effect.’
Baptism Doesn’t Have to Be Divisive Subscriber access only
Despite our different methods, we’re all immersed in the same Christ.
I Don’t Like the Way You Do Church
...but our unity in Christ is much stronger than our differences in style or method.
What’s a Christian to Do with Statements and Confessions? Subscriber access only
Public pressure to sign or abstain from them undermines their greatest value.
Big Churches And Small Churches: Contrast Without Criticism
Church leaders need to understand the differences between churches of various sizes. So we can work together, not tear ourselves apart.
Together for the Gospels: Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators Transforms Giving Subscriber access only
Lessons learned from illumiNations initiative could help other causes.
The Most Astonishing Easter Miracle Subscriber access only
It’s not that Jesus rose bodily from the grave.
Egypt’s Anglicans Face ‘Existential Threat’ … from Fellow Protestants Subscriber access only
Cairo bishop resists efforts to deny his church independence.
The Missing Heart of Our Gospel: Union with Christ Subscriber access only
Pastor and author Rankin Wilbourne explains why this biblical doctrine is so important for every Christian.
A Unified Church Is Gospel Witness Subscriber access only
In a society rife with racial conflict, US evangelicals are in a unique position to build cross-cultural bridges.
Jesus Called Us to Make Disciples, Not Baptists (or Catholics, or Lutherans, or...)
A humble call to remind all of us that it’s about Jesus and his church, not our little segment of it.
How Should Christians Disagree? Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians Try a New Model Subscriber access only
Joint statement by believers in Israel and Palestine is a small but hopeful step toward peace.