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Welcome to Church. Want to Take a Selfie?
With photo booths for special occasions, Instagram-friendly congregations navigate the tension between sharing faith and showing off.
The Rise of Conversational Churches
Why a growing number of congregations are taking deliberate steps to relearn the habit of talking together.
Artificial Intelligence Favors the Powerful. But It Doesn’t Have To.
Why we stand up for Muslims targeted by China’s surveillance technology.
The Gospel of AI: Evangelicals Want Tech to Remain Good News
In a “pioneering” new statement, leaders emphasize humanity’s moral authority over emergent technology like artificial intelligence.
One-on-One with Brian Miller on Emerging Adults, Social Media and Faith
Modern technology influences young adults as they consider faith and church.
Transhumanism and the Cult of ‘Better, Faster, Stronger’ Subscriber access only
Why the church should resist technologies that aim to liberate us from ordinary, embodied life.
Hashtag Missions: How Social Media Is Reshaping Conferences Subscriber access only
Gen Z’s digital natives bring followers along for the experience.
Move Over, Sex and Drugs. Ease Is the New Vice.
Do modern amenities make it tough for us to embody God’s love?
Free Apps and Websites Any Church Can Use To Organize, Promote And Do More Creative Ministry
If your church is small and your budget is non-existent, new technology may seem out of reach. But it’s not.
Curiosity Propels My Toddler to Learn. Will Computers Ever Compare?
How our relationship to God makes us unique from our robot imitators.
Karen Swallow Prior: Good Books Make Better People Subscriber access only
Why history's wisest figures have seen a connection between reading well and living well.
The Top Bible Verses of 2018 Don’t Come from Jesus or Paul
For the first time in recent years, YouVersion and Bible Gateway users searched for and shared verses from Old Testament prophets the most.
Technology, Politics, and Evangelicalism’s Good News
Power, wealth, and political influence may not be the prize that the world needs to experience. In fact, it may be the problem.
Your Brain Is Not a Computer
Why being human means we must be embodied.
6 Ways To Use PowerPoint (Yes, PowerPoint!) To Help Your Audience Become Better Listeners
The most powerful communication tool is not the image on the screen. It’s your ability to connect with the audience.
Rumors of AI Wars: Where Google and the Bible Agree
An understanding of human dignity and responsibility belongs in the development of artificial intelligence for military uses.
Eat, Pray, Code: Rule of St. Benedict Becomes Tech Developer’s Community Guidelines
SQLite, the most-used database engine of the 21st century, throws back to a code of conduct created by a sixth-century monk.
The Technological Discipleship Gap
New digital technologies have potential to either advance the gospel or sow destruction.
David Foster Wallace Broke My Heart
Ten years after his suicide, I marvel at his genius but mourn the crushing burdens he carried.
Your Digital Life, Hidden with Christ
Serving the God ‘who sees in secret’ in a world where there's pressure to post everything.