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Pew: No Pope Francis ‘Effect’ Among US Christians
The pope remains popular, but hasn’t inspired people to join his church—or even roused Catholics to go to Mass more often.
Three European Alliances Warn Evangelical-Catholic Unity Is Going Too Far
World Evangelical Alliance explains why Italy, Spain, and Malta leaders shouldn’t fear that global group has fallen for the ‘Francis effect.’
Why Chile’s Churches Are Under Attack as Pope Francis Visits
Evangelical and Catholic churches targeted by radical members of a largely Christian indigenous group.
Should the Lord’s Prayer Be Changed?
Experts weigh in on Pope Francis' recent support for changing the wording "lead us not into temptation."
Can Pope Francis Help Myanmar’s Muslims Without Hurting Its Christians?
The answer in majority-Buddhist Burma hinges on one controversial word: Rohingya.
Almost No One in the US Believes in a ‘Consistent Ethic of Life’
Pope Francis’ critique of President Trump would apply to 96 percent of Americans, surveys suggest.
How Trump Tempts Us Subscriber access only
Politics is not about one thing, but many things held in tension.
Pope Francis Quiet on Catholic Persecution of Protestants in Mexico Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Two dozen Protestant families get utilities turned back on after two years of punishment.
Why Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Made Christian History in Cuba Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) ISIS persecution of Christians prompts first meeting between Catholic and Orthodox primates since 1054.
The Top 20 Most-Read Gleanings of 2015 Subscriber access only
The 50 countries where it's most difficult to be a Christian, 'The Boy from Heaven' retracts his story, Elisabeth Elliot passes through gates of splendor, and more.
What Pope Francis Told the Central African Republic's Evangelical Seminary Subscriber access only
Pope discusses 'ecumenism of blood' and assassination attempt on CAR Evangelical Alliance leader.
Protestants Follow Catholics' Lead on Martyr Tourism as Pope Francis Visits Uganda Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) A swampy site that draws millions across East Africa symbolizes religious freedom. One day it may prove better than gorillas for the economy.
The Pope's Growing Evangelical Flock Subscriber access only
Catholics seem to be responding to Pope Francis’ encouragement to read their Bibles and pray on their own.
Weekend Edition: October 9, 2015
Pope Francis Paradoxes, ethics for church leadership, and more.
I Don't Want Your Good Vibes. I Want Prayer. Subscriber access only
There's no substitute for our communion with the Father.
Weekend Edition: September 25, 2015
Pope Francis, Syrian Refugees, and more on this week's iteration of Weekend Edition.
From Antichrist to Brother in Christ: How Protestant Pastors View the Pope Subscriber access only
LifeWay Research finds Pope Francis has improved opinions of Catholic Church.
Pope Francis and Our Call to Evangelize the Cynics Subscriber access only
Embracing the incremental work of our witness.
Evangelicals Help Greet Pope Francis at the White House Subscriber access only
Pontiff tells crowd of 11,000 on White House lawn that God ‘has not forsaken us.’
Pope Pious: What Evangelicals Like About Francis Subscriber access only
Disagreement over religious authority and salvation fades as piety trumps doctrine.