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One-on-one with John C. Maxwell on ‘The Maxwell Leadership Bible’
"Most great leaders in Scripture were called to leadership from obscurity."
The Loneliness of the Pastor-Theologian
How to find encouragement in this unique vision and calling.
One-on-One with Jana Magruder on Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith
What are the top five things parents need to do to raise children in the Christian faith?
One-on-One with Bryan Loritts on Being a Stranger in White Evangelicalism
"If God can raise a dead Jesus, then he can step into the divisive sociological milieu we find ourselves in and bring healing."
Why I Wrote ‘Christians in an Age of Outrage’
I want to help Christians engage an outraged world with discernment and wisdom, seeing the world as the mission field to which God has called us.
One-on-One with Pastor Darryl Dash on ‘How to Grow’
"We keep failing, but we also keep discovering God’s grace."
How Fiction Fueled Madeleine L’Engle’s Faith
How does a lonely kid understand that she’s loved by God? An author’s childhood holds the answer.
One-on-One with Karen Swallow Prior on ‘On Reading Well’
Reading good literature well is in itself a practice of virtue.
One-on-One with Peter Greer and Chris Horst on ‘Rooting for Rivals’
As churches and nonprofits, we can accomplish far more together than we ever could alone.
One-on-One with R. York Moore on ‘Do Something Beautiful: The Story of Everything and a Guide to Your Place in It’
Jesus does not merely change our world––He changes the world.
The 2018 CT Pastors Book Recommendations
Six recent books that will aid you in your ministry.
One-on-One with Pastor Choco DeJesus on ‘Move into More: Limitless Surprises of a Faithful God’
We settle for less because there is a challenge that comes with seeking more.
Died: Sam Moore, Who Made Thomas Nelson a Top Christian Publisher
Former CEO spent decades building up company’s offerings of Bibles and bestsellers.
20 Truths from Trevin Wax’s This Is Our Time
Evangelism is not just convincing people the gospel is true but also that it is better.
Dorothy Sayers Did Not Want to Be a Prophet Subscriber access only
Nevertheless, the saucy British writer made the pious vociferously angry.
A Wrinkle in Heaven
Can the spiritual dimensions of reality be probed by science?
Unlike the Bible, ‘Living Biblically’ Plays It Safe
Despite the provocative concept, the CBS sitcom avoids offense as well as true humor.
Died: James W. Sire, Editor Who Brought Us Francis Schaeffer and Os Guinness
‘The Universe Next Door’ author used worldview as a tool for evangelical apologetics.
Christianity Today’s 2018 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
Christianity Today’s 2018 Book of the Year Subscriber access only
The release that best embodies our pursuit of Beautiful Orthodoxy.