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When Women Follow A Scandalous God
There can be a great deal of tension in our evangelical subculture when women try to live into their callings.
How Single Women Help New Moms Make It Through
Their unexpected ministry cuts across life stages.
This Church Mother Comforted the Grieving with Scientific Thinking
Macrina’s famous brothers approved the words in the Nicene Creed: ‘maker of all things visible and invisible.’ But she explained why it matters.
The Church Made Vagina Sculptures Long Before Nadia Bolz-Weber
But early Christian yonic art symbolized baptism, not free sex.
One-on-One with Kristen Padilla on Women in Vocational Ministry
Author of ‘Now That I’m Called’ on how churches can better engage and deploy women in vocational ministry.
For Christian Women, Persecution Looks Like Rape
Around the globe, female followers of the faith suffer sexual violence, forced marriage, forced abortions, travel bans, and trafficking.
The Audacity of Mary
God chooses the unlikely yet obedient to be his image bearers.
We Were Women Comforted by Shared Pain
I never imagined my fibromyalgia would help me serve refugees. But chronic pain is something we both understand.
Mothers of the Reformation
These early Protestant women saw Luther’s priesthood of all believers as reason to write and teach the Reformation.
20 Truths from ‘Women in God’s Mission’
Excerpts from Mary Lederleitner's new book.
The First Female Evangelists
Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well couldn’t help but share their good news.
Church Is Not Gender Neutral Subscriber access only
The case for women-only spaces in church.
She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
The Female Martyrs’ #MeToo Message
What happened when early Christian women took a stand.
Moms Who Miscarry Benefit from Going to Church, Research Shows
National study ties church participation to improved mental health after a miscarriage.
The Increase of Women’s Involvement in Violent Extremism
Christians must reach out to their Muslims neighbors and together prevent extremist abuse and violence.
How Female Missionaries and Evangelists Paved the Way for #MeToo
As we look to the future of women, the past offers a map.
Women Are the Talk of 2018’s Southern Baptist Annual Meeting
Both officially and unofficially, leaders of America’s largest Protestant denomination turn their attention to better responses to sexism and abuse.
A Woman’s Guide to Seminary
Ministry is serious business. These 9 steps are key to pursuing your training.
Moral Failings in the Church: How Can Women and Victims Respond?
Be the change you want to see in the church.