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Fractured Are the Peacemakers
A Christian reconciliation group in Israel and Palestine warned that war would come. Now the war threatens their relevance.
Bethlehem Cancels Christmas, But Local Pastors Still Expect a Holy Night
As war disrupts traditional festivities, Palestinian Christians see an opportunity to return to the Nativity story and share the gospel.
One Christian’s Quest to Change the Way We See Immigration
Equipped with Scripture, history, and a defunct restaurant on the southern border, Sami DiPasquale hopes he can soften politics-hardened hearts.
Colombian Christians Preached Social Justice. Practicing It Is Harder.
The birthplace of “integral mission” is also the epicenter of a migration crisis. It’s difficult to get local churches to care.
A Russian Pastor Spoke Out Against Putin’s Invasion. It Cost Him His Church.
Mikhail Manzurin prayed for Ukraine during church services and eventually fled to the United States.
How One Family’s Faith Survived Three Generations in the Pulpit
With a front-row seat to their parents’ failures and burnout, a long line of pastor’s kids still went into ministry. Why?
Ministers in Ukraine Are ‘Ready to Meet God at Any Moment’
Pastors and church leaders who stayed behind serve as if every day might be their last.
The Foreigner’s Blessing That Broke Me
Among Ukrainian exiles, I found miraculous perseverance in the absence of deliverance.
They Fled Ukraine, and Ukraine Followed
Escaping Russian missiles, some exiled believers found a new sense of purpose helping refugees.
US Will Accept 100K Ukrainian Refugees. Polish Pastors Face Millions.
Evangelical churches in Poland transform into care centers, seek more funds for heat and fuel.