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Keeping the Trinity Personal
Defending the oneness of God shouldn't nullify the Bible's claims about the mutual love of Father, Son, and Spirit.
What Transgender People Need from Conservative Christians
We’ll never reach them with biblical truth without first understanding their experiences.
Jesus Is Lord. Period. Subscriber access only
We’re rendering unto Caesar too much time and attention.
Getting Past Post-Truth
A firsthand reminder of the consequences of ignoring the facts.
Isaac Backus: An 18th-Century Evangelical with 21st-Century Wisdom Subscriber access only
On questions of race, religious liberty, and political power, the Baptist preacher should be our guiding light.
Richard Stearns: “Every Day Is a Celebration” Subscriber access only
After 20 years of tackling the “hole in our gospel,” World Vision's most recent president is fine retiring from World Vision with some tasks unfinished.
Gleanings: July/August 2018
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our July/August issue).
Unfriending Convenience Subscriber access only
Why Christians are called to inefficiency in an age of easy living.
Blessed Are the Slow
Scripture reminds us that love—and loving communication—is patient.
Cover Story: Out of the Flood
Three teens survived a rising river at a Bible camp in Comfort, Texas. Would their faith?
I Grew Up in a Ministry Family—and I Hated It Subscriber access only
But as I poured out my anger on the world, Jesus was waiting to pour out his perfect love.
The ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ Really Does Fight Poverty Subscriber access only
How Christian discipleship affects household income.
Heard the One About the Jewish Man, the Roman Demon, and the Gentile Pigs? Subscriber access only
Exploring the multiple meanings behind a New Testament “political cartoon.”
Reply All
Responses to our May issue.
A Degree of Contention at Christian Schools
Rise of honorary degrees raises concern about misuse of “Dr.” in ministry.
Does Evangelism Jeopardize Authentic Artistic Expression? Subscriber access only
What an Old Testament artist tells us about aesthetic vocation.
Mideast Christians See Russia—not the US—as Defender of Their Faith
Perplexed by America on Syria, Russian evangelicals and Middle East Christians debate if Moscow really cares.
Our July/August Issue: Tragedy's Many Angles
When it takes more than one story to tell a story.
Loving Our Neighbors Knows No Borders—Even Political Ones
Along the way, we may be able to show people Jesus.