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A stunning window into a life.
A terrific, haunting recasting of the true nature of heroism.
The Light Between Oceans
A picturesque romance with a backbone.
The Hollars
What can you do with your regrets?
Kubo and the Two Strings
A boy, a monkey, a beetle, and a lot of origami.
A new twist on the tale of the Christ.
Sausage Party
A raunchy anti-Veggie Tales with surprising takes on atheism, faith, and tolerance.
Pete's Dragon
David Lowery is a great match for reimagining the classic Disney film.
A Conversation with Nate Parker about 'The Birth of a Nation'
CT talks to the writer, director, and star of the highly-anticipated film about his faith and race in America.
A quiet and compelling film about the ethical murkwood of high finance.
How 'Stranger Things' Re-Enchants the World
The Netflix show, along with 'Midnight Special,' Frank Peretti's novels, and even Pokemon Go are trying to fill a void.
Star Trek Beyond
Time to boldly go where 'Star Trek' has definitely gone before.
Don't Think Twice
What happens when your friends get famous, and you don't?
I ain't afraid of no ghosts.
The Secret Life of Pets
A pleasant enough re-tread of every animated movie featuring talking animals that you've ever seen.
The Purge: Election Year
The opportunity for biting social critique gets swept away in a torrent of bloody destruction.
Fairy tales need real dragons.
Bill Gothard, 'The Fits,' and Me
Sometimes a movie can give you a kinder way to remember difficult things about yourself.
BAMCinemafest 2016 Round-Up
Five films worth looking for.
Finding Dory
Everyone's favorite forgetful fish is back - in a quietly subversive tale.