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Minimizing the Risk of Cybercrime
If it looks suspicious, pause and take these steps.
Best Practices for Avoiding Cyberliability Problems
Steps to take to avoid data breaches and other mishaps.
When Churches Neglect Payroll Taxes
Experts say this is an all-too-common problem—and one church leaders cannot ignore.
How to Reduce EPLI Costs and Claims
Best practices for preventing lawsuits.
Employee Lawsuits Against Churches Are on the Rise
Why you need to consider employment practices liability insurance.
One Body, Many Parts: The Crucial Role of the ‘Faith-Based FEMA’ After Florence
Working alongside government agencies, Christian volunteers aid hurricane victims based on what each denomination does best.
When Clothing and Household Items Are Donated
Churches may want to tell taxpayers that generosity is its own reward.
Protecting Your Church from Cyber Threats
Three experts discuss the tactics targeting churches—and why leaders must remain vigilant.
Tax Rules for Gifts of Personal Property
Churches and their donors need to understand how to substantiate gifts— from cars to clothing.
Gifts of Property: Help Donors Get It Right
Three examples demonstrate how to substantiate donations of land and buildings in accordance with tax law.
Guiding Bivocational Ministers Through the Tax Maze
Special considerations for ministers who also work outside the church.
Should a Church Own or Rent Vehicles?
Two church leaders weigh in on this question.
When Volunteers Drive for Your Church
Tips for handling this critical area of risk-management.
6 Questions to Assess Vehicle Insurance
Managing the money of the church includes being up-to-date on insurance policies.
Best Practices for Installing Security Cameras at Your Church
How to make the most of surveillance technology.
Why Churches Should Invest in Security Cameras
Five benefits of video surveillance systems, according to the experts.
How Fraud Happens in Churches
Preventing financial malfeasance in God’s treasury.
Protecting Your Church in Case of Allegations of Abuse
The High Costs of an Abuse Claim
Prevention, right coverage are critical to protecting churches.
The Tricky World of Copier Leases and Purchases
What a church must consider before buying or leasing.