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Lent Isn't Just About You
Why one Catholic writer went on a mission to do more than self-improve.
C.S. Lewis's Pen Pal, Kathy Keller
Keller's childhood correspondence with the revered author led her to Christian faith.
Gas Explosion
Which pastor's house was damaged earlier this week? What percent of megachurch attendees are single? And other questions from this week's news.
Bush's Faith-Based Legacy
Key policies at home and overseas will help victims of poverty and disease for years to come.
Christmas Quiz
Who gets the credit for chocolate calendars, Christmas trees, and picking December 25?
Racing with Jesus
Ministry on the NASCAR tracks.
“Father of Christian rock” dies
Larry Norman left a large footprint before he eventually became estranged from the Christian music industry.
Super Tuesday Results Show Split Between Evangelicals and Their Spokesmen
Dobson's anti-McCain e-mail doesn't seem to have made a difference.
Televangelism Pioneer Rex Humbard Dies at 88
Elvis Presley, millions of others were faithful viewers in the 1950s and beyond.
Rwandan Politics Intrudes on American Church
Archbishop told Anglican congregation to cancel talk by Hotel Rwanda subject Paul Rusesabagina.
Military Chaplains Don't Mind Prayer Guidelines
Plus: Prayers of strangers don't help the sick, no out of state same-sex marriages in Mass., and more articles from online sources around the world.
Iraq Churches Attacked Again
Threats renewed against Christian Peacemaker Teams workers.