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Chester Cathedral Finds Medieval Inspiration for New Bottled Beer
Ale sales planned to keep the cathedral free to visitors.
Carey Announces His Retirement as Archbishop of Canterbury
Decision creates opportunity to restructure position
Let Harry Potter Conjure Up 'Gospel Magic', Says Christian Magician
Andrew Thompson and others agree that some Christians have a false understanding of what Harry Potter is about.
Charity Hopes for New Beginning in Fight to Save Christian Prison Wings
The Kainos Community drafts new proposals after the British prison system denies use of public funds.
Planned Law on Religious Hatred Prompts Protests
Critics fear that Britain's religious freedom legislation might have the opposite effect.
Survey points to 'growing concern' about violence against British clergy
Clergy homes are often clearly marked making them targets for violence.
Anglican Priest Hopes to Boldly Go Where No Clergyman Has Gone Before
Ken Clapham wants to be the international space station's chaplain.
East German Church Lost 'Distinctive Voice' After Reunification
"Forty years after the building of the Berlin Wall, cleric claims some churches are worse off"
Anglican Liturgist Welcomes Vatican Warning on 'Politically Correct' Liturgy
"Gender-specific alterations seemed hypocritical, inconsistent, says British theologian."
Repentant Pilferers Return Hotel Towels and Cash After Sermon on Theft
"Four out of ten attending Ten Commandments series are not Christians, preacher estimates."
Pilgrimages Drop and Workers Lose Jobs as Middle East Violence Continues
"Silence fills places normally crowded with pilgrims, reports British group."
Great Britain: Human Embryo Cloning Legalized
Religious leaders' protests go unheeded by lawmakers
Commission Will Try to Resolve Tensions Within Anglicanism Worldwide
"Group will examine strains over homosexuality, as well as role of Archbishop of Canterbury."
In England Many More Church Spires Will Be Home to Mobile Phone Antennae
"One quarter of Church of England parishes want to host towers, while some leaders wonder about risks."
Would You Adam and Eve (Believe) It?
Archbishop of Canterbury backs abbreviated Bible in Cockney
Pastors Aim to Sink Battleships
Twenty clergy are arrested at protest over Britain's Trident submarines.
Catholics Not to Receive Anglican Eucharist
Dublin archbishop says Catholic policy doesn't allow intercommunion.
Can Choir Outreach Sustain the Song?
Cathedral choristers begin singing in schools to stir new interest in an English church tradition.
Row over Irish Prime Minister's Cancelled Visit to Shrine
MP resigns, but says it was his duty to warn the prime minister of possible violence after sectarian football match.
Church Attacks Increasing in the U.K.
Insurance figures show attacks on church workers and property are growing.