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Evangelical Foundations See Surge in Donations Subscriber access only
Wealthy Christians favor new tool for family funds.
Apologetics Makes a Comeback Among Youth Subscriber access only
Youth ministry sees the return of reasons.
Christian Colleges Part of White House Interfaith Service Push Subscriber access only
Schools say listening is a key part of the project—but theological pluralism isn’t.
Global Reactions to John Stott's Death Subscriber access only
N.T. Wright, David Zac Niringiye, and others offer more reflection on the legacy of the worldwide leader.
Leaders and Friends Remember John Stott Subscriber access only
What Billy Graham, Mark Noll, John Piper, and others are saying about the life and ministry of John Stott.
Willow Creek Splits with Exodus International Subscriber access only
Decision is among a series of departures for ex-gay organization.
Shouwang Showdown, 15 Weeks In Subscriber access only
Members of one of China's largest house churches continue to meet amid arrests.
Top Evangelical, Catholic, and Mainline Bodies Issue Evangelism Rules Subscriber access only
Missiologists applaud unity effort, but note what's missing and what will raise eyebrows.
U.S. Appeals Court: Schools Can Ban Worship Subscriber access only
Ruling says New York ban on church services doesn't discriminate against expression. But legal scholars say the decision is unlikely to stand.
Harold Camping's Rapture Campaign: Can He Be Sued for Fraud? Subscriber access only
As an atheist group asks the California attorney general for action, legal scholars say efforts are almost certainly doomed.