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What I Would Have Done Differently Subscriber access only
Billy Graham's regrets, in his own words.
The Problem 'Son': Debate Continues Over Translating 'Son of God' for Muslims Subscriber access only
Wycliffe translations challenged by Assemblies of God.
Wycliffe, SIL Issue Guidelines on Translating 'Son of God' Among Muslims Subscriber access only
The term 'Son of God' should be retained, but not at the expense of comprehension, translating groups say.
Profiting from the Past Subscriber access only
Will Christian history books ever sell?
The Son and the Crescent Subscriber access only
Bible translations that avoid the phrase "Son of God" are bearing dramatic fruit among Muslims. But that translation has some missionaries and scholars dismayed.
Love Where You Live Subscriber access only
Urban, suburban, and rural churches respond to new challenges in a less mobile era.
Peter Singer's Swan Song Subscriber access only
Bioethicist asks: 'Why don't we make ourselves the last generation on earth?'
Why Johnny Can't Read the Bible Subscriber access only
Most Americans—including Scripture-loving evangelicals—cannot name the disciples, the Ten Commandments, or the first book of the Bible. But that's not our biggest biblical illiteracy problem.
Obama's AIDS Dilemma Subscriber access only
White House funding priorities determine who will live and who will die.
Bonhoeffer Stood Fast Subscriber access only
Martyred German pastor showed theology has consequences.
Piper, Warren, and the Perils of Movement Building Subscriber access only
Why the debate over separatism still matters.
The Toll of Our Toiling Subscriber access only
John Piper takes an eight-month leave of absence.
'We're All Theologians' Subscriber access only
But is it the best or worst of times for doctrine?
Dearth of Jobs, Death to the Family? Subscriber access only
Where others have failed, the church must meet society's looming challenge.
Why Pope John Paul II Whipped Himself Subscriber access only
New book reopens questions on self-denial and "what is lacking in Christ's afflictions."
Theodicy in Light of Eternity Subscriber access only
Theologians see hope for the future based on the past.
My Top Ten Theology Stories of 2009 Subscriber access only
Counting down the events, debates, and books that shaped evangelical theology over the past year.
When the Pastor Suffers Subscriber access only
Matt Chandler comforts an anxious church following his Thanksgiving seizure.
'All Israel Will Be Saved' Subscriber access only
God's 'first love' awaits Jesus' second advent.
Christ-Centered Cautions Subscriber access only
How do we be good, be disciplined, and be like Jesus?