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He Told Richard Nixon to Confess
Most ministers were silent about Watergate. Why was one evangelical pastor different?
Church Allegedly Planned Military Takeover of Trinidad and Tobago
And other news briefings from Christians around the world.
Died: Disgraced Southern Baptist Leader Paul Pressler
The Texas judge behind the political strategy for the “conservative resurgence” molested and assaulted teenage boys, according to allegations eight men made in court.
Died: Jürgen Moltmann, Theologian of Hope
A German soldier found by Christ in a prisoner of war camp, he became a renowned Christian scholar who taught that “God weeps with us so that we may someday laugh with him.”
For Sale: Christian Ministry Headquarters
Evangelical organizations including Wycliffe, CT, and Lifeway are giving up their buildings and developing new models for remote work.
Died: Sam Butcher, Artist Who Created Precious Moments
His porcelain figurines sold millions while he built a church inspired by the Sistine Chapel.
American Missionaries Killed in Port-au-Prince
Gang attack in Haiti leaves three dead and a house on fire as international forces are delayed again.
Died: Nguyen Quang Trung, Mennonite Who Led Church Through Dark Days in Vietnam
From 1978 to 2008, he fought for legal recognition and freedom to worship for the Anabaptist denomination.
Died: Gospel for Asia Founder Athanasius Yohannan
The champion of “native missions” trained more than 100,000 evangelists but got in trouble for financial mismanagement.
Hillsong Abuse Settlement Rejected Over NDA
Victim says she wants accountability more than money.
If You’re a Christian, You Should Probably Thank Your Mom
A majority of American Protestants were raised by devout mothers, a study finds.
Pakistani Christians Accused of Blasphemy Found Not Guilty
And other brief news from believers around the world.
Died: Beverly LaHaye, Pastor’s Wife Who Led Religious Right
The founder of Concerned Women for America was credited by President Ronald Reagan with “changing the face of American politics.”
In Eclipse Darkness, Churches Will Proclaim a Great Light
Evangelical congregations from Texas to Maine plan outreach events in the path of totality.
Are the Global Methodists Evangelical?
Here’s why the new denomination may or may not fit the label.
Global Methodists Want to Check Bishops
Ahead of the first general conference, the new denomination is weighing possible limits on leaders.
In Search of Most Beautiful Language, Scholars Turn to ‘Jesus’ Film
And other brief news from Christians around the world.
Global Methodists Run Toward Renewal
On the other side of disaffiliation, traditionalist congregations pursue prayer, revival, and revitalization.
In Six-Hour Meeting, Park Street Votes to Affirm Current Leadership
Senior minister Mark Booker asks the historic evangelical congregation to commit to work of repair after “break of trust.”
Park Street Divided: Congregation Asked to End Conflict with a Vote
A clash over leadership at the landmark evangelical church in Boston is testing the strength of democratic governance.