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Died: Marcus Lamb, Daystar Founder Who Believed TV Opened a Window for the Holy Spirit
After setting himself apart from corrupt televangelists and achieving incredible early success, the Christian network chief lived from scandal to scandal.
Prompted by Ravi Zacharias’s Abuse, Missions Organizations Are Urged to Assess Accountability
The International Conference on Missions president says leaders on the wrong path depend on Christians who don’t want to know.
All I Want for Christmas Is a Song that Mentions Jesus
Most-played hits around the world celebrate love, snow, and chestnuts before getting around to Christ.
We’ve No Less Days to Sing God’s Praise, But New Worship Songs Only Last a Few Years
A study finds an increasingly rapid turnover time for church music.
December 2021: Gleanings
News of Christians around the world.
The Christian Peacemaker Who Left a Trail of Trauma
Judy Dabler built a career helping reconcile conflict within ministries including RZIM and Mars Hill. But a new investigation says she abused her authority to protect those with power.
Supreme Court Considers Slippery Slope of Death Penalty Prayer
Is a Texas man entitled to have his pastor lay hands on him at the time of execution?
Gleanings: November 2021
News of Christians around the world.
Duke University Study Finds More Sin in the Rain
Embezzlement, drug use, and other crimes go up when church attendance goes down.
Ravi Zacharias’s Daughter Steps Down to Launch New Ministry
Exit appears to mark end of internal struggle over RZIM culture review.
The Costly Gospel That Keeps Christian Pilots Flying to the Ends of the Earth
Q&A with Mission Aviation Fellowship President David Holsten on the challenges of reaching the most isolated villages in the world.
Died: Evelyn Mangham, Who Convinced Evangelicals to Welcome Refugees
After 20 years in Vietnam with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, she saw caring for those displaced by war as simple obedience to Jesus.
Died: Eberhard Jüngel, Theologian Who Saw Trinity Revealed in the Cross
East German student of Karl Barth and Martin Heidegger believed “God has become speakable.”
Gleanings: October 2021
News of Christians around the world.
What’s True About Christian Fiction
“This Present Darkness” and other bestsellers show us the history of evangelicalism—and how it could be different.
Where Billy Graham Is Remembered
The late evangelist is larger than life with monuments, markers, and museums.
Dennis Hastert, Once an Evangelical Republican Leader, Settles Sex-Abuse Suit
The Wheaton alumnus allegedly stopped paying his victim.
Died: David Yonggi Cho, Founder of the World’s Largest Megachurch
The Korean Pentecostal promoted cell groups and gifts of the Holy Spirit for church growth.
RZIM Donors Fight to See If Their Funds Enabled Abuse
A federal judge declined to expedite discovery, but lawyers will ask for 17 years of financial records and hundreds of thousands of documents.
Why the UN’s Dire Climate Change Report Is Dedicated to an Evangelical Christian
Welsh Nobel Prize-winner John Houghton saw sin at the heart of this ecological crisis.