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First Pastor to Defy COVID-19 Lockdowns Wins in Court
Following several earlier decisions siding with religious groups, the leader of a Oneness Pentecostal congregation in Louisiana declares, “Devil, you just got dethroned.”
Why Tennessee Is Just Now Looking at Lifting a Ban on Clergy in the Legislature
A Presbyterian was burnt in effigy, a Methodist was shot in the leg, and that’s just the start of the story of this constitutional prohibition.
How Black Holes Radiate God’s Glory
Q&A with Reasons to Believe astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink on collapsing stars, quantum gravity, why physics isn’t finished, and what that tells us about our creator.
SCOTUS Tackles Arguments over Prayer at the 50-Yard Line
Justices pepper lawyers with possible scenarios and questions about coercing high school players.
Gleanings: May 2022
News from Christians around the world.
Levites, Whores, and Demoniacs: Here’s How the New NRSV Has Changed
A look at five updates to the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
Facing Financial Challenges, TEDS Cuts Faculty Positions
The number of full-time students at the evangelical seminary has dropped 44 percent in 20 years.
Died: Gerald Coates, New Church Movement Pioneer
He preached a nonreligious Christianity that emphasized authenticity, creativity, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Died: Gospel Singer LaShun Pace, Who Praised God from 1970s Revivals to 2020s TikTok
She sang through betrayal, divorce, and death.
Court: Prayer and Laying on of Hands Protected at Execution
Prison officials may limit religious practices at time of death, but only if they show there are no better options.
Leading Church Exits Vineyard
National board questions Anaheim pastors’ “spiritually implausible” reasons for disassociation.
Gleanings: April 2022
News from Christians around the world.
Embezzlement Bedevils Global Church Giving
Experts project fraud will cost Christian ministries $170 billion in 2050.
Are the Precise Words of Baptism Important?
Pastors weigh in on the critical formulation of the sacrament.
Sexual Harassment Went Unchecked at Christianity Today
Women reported two top leaders’ inappropriate behavior for more than 12 years. Nothing happened.
Died: Gary North, Who Saw Austrian Economics in the Bible and Disaster on the Horizon
The prolific writer promoted Christian Reconstructionism, libertarian Ron Paul, the gold standard, and fears of Y2K.
SCOTUS Won’t Weigh Whether Christian College Profs Are Ministers—For Now
A lawsuit against Gordon College will go forward in Massachusetts, but four justices say the court will eventually have to clarify the “ministerial exception.”
Died: Ray Bakke, Who Believed Christians Are Called to Cities
Urban missiologist urged evangelicals to cross racial and cultural lines for the sake of the gospel.
Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship Raided amid Ongoing Conflict with Viktor Orbán
Allegations of tax fraud latest trial for Wesleyan pastor who has spoken out against Christian nationalism.
RZIM Spent Nearly $1M Suing Ravi Zacharias Abuse Victim
Ministry-funded assessment shows the board didn’t ask questions but came up with creative ways to redirect donor funds.