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Australian Football Executive Forced to Resign, Prompting Debate about Religious Liberty
Andrew Thorburn’s affiliation with an evangelical Anglican church was “a clear conflict of interest,” according to the club’s president
New Zealand: New Zealand Christians Decry Unmarried Couples Law
Property rights will be extended to unmarried partners who have lived together for three years.
Vandals Attack Churches, Mosques
Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, 15 Australian religious buildings have been vandalized.
Australia: 'Shooting Gallery' Draws Opposition
A church-run injection center for heroin addicts claims success
Australia: Leaders Press for Refugee Asylum
Christians demand Australian government show compassion
New Zealand: Christians Divide Over Sex-Worker Law
New Zealand considers decriminalizing prostitution
Campaigner Says Churches Ignore Child Abuse
President of ECPAT accuses clergy and church workers of perpetrating child abuse.