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Graham and the Jews: A Complex Connection
The Nixon tapes revealed a shocking quote, but there was much more to his relationship with Judaism.
The Justice-Forward Salvation Army
Combined with evangelism, it's a heady combination.
Hudson Taylor and the Power of Gentleness
How the missionary to China responded when his charges were murdered.
Preacher with a Paintbrush
The first acclaimed black artist shared the gospel without saying a word.
The Religious Roots of Protest
How justice movements have co-opted the church’s music.
The Man Who Humanized War
He still shapes our wartime ideals 150 years later.
What a Christian Ethic Looks Like Outside
Beauty for the many: Why I side with conservationists over nature mystics.
No Such Thing as 'Other People's Problems'
How the church can help develop a 'we' culture for the next generation.
The Best Way to Use Music in Church
The key to biblical worship: Let everyone sing!
Rethinking Capital Punishment
The U.S. standards are far below biblical guidelines.
Biblical Adoption Is Not What You Think It Is
For one, it wasn't about the child, but mostly the family.
Why Don't We Find Bloodshed Repugnant Anymore?
Yes, the early church was pro-life. But it wasn't just the death of the unborn that it opposed.
Real Martyrs Don't Murder
A new book suggests otherwise, but it is dead wrong.
Jesus' Elevator Speech
Or was it his inaugural address? There's a difference.
"How Great Thou Art" & the 100-Year-Old Bass
The story of George Beverly Shea's signature tune.
Who Defines Doctrine?
Often it's not the theologians but the people. Here's why.
Worship Christ the Newborn King
This, this is Christ the King. It's not just imagery and metaphor.
Misreading the Magnificat
It's hard to find hymns that embody Scripture's sharp critique of the rich.
Change to Believe In
Not all changes are good. But transformation is.
Downton Abbey's Real Legacy
Why we strive to preserve places rich with memory.