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Under Municipal Regulations, UK Abortion Clinics ‘Safe’ From Silent Prayer
Two British citizens face criminal penalties for violating buffer zones.
Church Attendance Dropped Among Young People, Singles, Liberals
Overall, most churchgoers—including most white evangelicals—returned to the pews after the pandemic, survey finds.
In Church Planting, More Money Means More People
But a recent ECFA study can’t quantify intangible signs of growth.
Christians Remain a Minority Down Under, but Gen Z Aussies Are Open
New survey finds just 6 percent of Australians are heavily involved in the faith.
Small Evangelical College Stands Out for Diversity
Houston’s College of Biblical Studies, where three-quarters of students are Black or Hispanic, finds ministry partners in DTS and Tony Evans.
Religious Liberty Firm Goes Global with 1,500 International Cases
The Christian legal advocates with Alliance Defending Freedom are now working in over a hundred countries.
Churches Still Depend on Clergy Housing Allowance
Despite recent legal cases and reports of greedy abuses, experts say the longstanding benefit remains safe.
Southern Baptist Missionaries See Baptisms and Converts Surge With COVID-19
Leaders cite missiological methods and the work of the Spirit as the reasons for the surprising statistics.
A Year After the Election, Trump’s Effect on Evangelical Churches Lingers
Political tensions in the pews have calmed, and another survey shows leaders’ Trump support yielded more positives than negatives for evangelicals.
Shepherding in a Shifting Financial Landscape
The pandemic intensified existing economic challenges for churches—and catalyzed new ones.
Platt’s McLean Bible Church Hit With Attempted Takeover, Lawsuit from Opposition
The suburban DC megachurch’s recent scuffle over race and politics is symptomatic of a broader evangelical rift.
As Denominations Decline, Faith Looks Different in Nashville
In the Music City, CCM sales outpace country albums.
Why the SBC Published a Report Alleging Paige Patterson’s Seminary Theft
The ongoing dispute between Southwestern and its former president reflects a larger rift over his place in the denomination.
Why Black Pastors Still Stay Southern Baptist
Even with disputes over Trump and critical race theory pushing some minority leaders out, others stand by the missional advantage in the country’s largest Protestant body.
For Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Was a Way of Life
The commemoration we recognize each year came out of a deep view of providence and everyday gratitude to God.
Movement Wants to Make Southern Baptists Conservative Again
A new network of pastors says it’s trying to unite the SBC. But its critics fear the opposite.
Fewer Southern Baptists Call Themselves ‘Southern Baptist’
SBC president J. D. Greear explains the uptick in an alternative name: Great Commission Baptists.
The Next Mission Field Is a Game
Esports opens new opportunities for evangelism, even during a pandemic.
What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
COVID-19’s ministry disruptions are generating lasting insights.
Despite Racial Tensions, Black Southern Baptist Churches Still on the Rise
Recruitment efforts draw African American pastors to SBC missions efforts, though growth is slowing.