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Colombia’s Next President Could Be an Evangelical Woman
Viviane Morales explains why truth and repentance will heal the scarred South American nation more than prison sentences for FARC rebels.
Colombia Drops Terrorism Case Against American Missionary
Months after peace treaty with FARC rebels, Russell Stendal no longer stands accused of collaboration.
Abortion Pill Reversal Allows Women to Change Their Minds—and Saves Lives Subscriber access only
Progesterone dose reverses mifepristone effects. Critics dismiss it as ‘junk science.’
Terrorism Charge Snares Prominent American Missionary Subscriber access only
If Christian broadcaster Stendal goes on trial in Colombia, missions work nationwide may be at risk.
Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys? Subscriber access only
As ministries report record interest in serving, Samaritan's Purse shifts strategy on what expat doctors do.
How Gaza’s Christians View the Hamas-Israeli Conflict Subscriber access only
Baptist pastor Hanna Massad speaks openly about what he sees happening as he helps to shelter Gaza’s Christians and others during the current conflict.
Ministry at the Center of Violence Subscriber access only
Russ Stendal, held hostage for months by narco-terrorists, now ministers in their midst.
Trees Of Life Subscriber access only
How Floresta integrates development discipleship, and creation care overseas.
El Salvador's Values Voters Subscriber access only
Evangelicals discount portrayal as leftist voting bloc.
Obama Election Heals Memories from 1976 Subscriber access only
Racing with Jesus Subscriber access only
Ministry on the NASCAR tracks.
Racing for Jesus Subscriber access only
How God-fearing drivers and a national ministry bring faith to NASCAR.
Unapologetic Apologist Subscriber access only
Jay Smith confronts Muslim fundamentalists with fundamentalist fervor.
Saving Faces Subscriber access only
Mercy Ships surgeons perform medical miracles daily in remote ports of call.
Christian Bookstore Manager Martyred in Gaza City Subscriber access only
Rami Ayyad received death threats after store bombing in April.
'Have You Prayed for bin Laden Today?' Subscriber access only
Brother Andrew urges Christians not to 'black list' radical Muslims.
'Nightmare of Nightmares' Subscriber access only
Virginia Tech's Korean Christians wrestle with the aftermath of a massacre.
Asking Why Subscriber access only
Christian fellowship helps survivors of the Virginia Tech shootings deal with larger issues.
Gaza's Christian Bookstore Bombed Subscriber access only
No injuries in Palestinian Bible Society blast, but security guard was kidnapped and beaten.
Free at Last Subscriber access only
How Christians worldwide are sabotaging the modern slave trade.