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Filling in the Blanks
A revised tax form should make nonprofit organizations more transparent.
Weeping for the Jordan
Revered river endangered by pollution, overuse.
Accountability for Growth
New ECFA membership option designed for churches, small ministries.
Sports, for Him
We're called to integrity in athletics—not just to opposing steroid abuse.
South Korean Politicians Blame U.S. for Taliban Hostages
Korean officials seek direct negotiations with kidnappers.
After Taliban Kills Two Hostages, South Korea Pleads for Compromise
As another deadline passes, Taliban abductors make threats and Afghanistan warns of military action.
Do 'Gay Adoption' Opponents Oppose 'Obese Adoption'?
A Missouri judge's decision prompts the question.
Will Tomorrow's Evangelicals Remember Tammy Faye?
She was an icon of a changing movement, but didn't actually change it, say experts.
Book Bust
U.S. prisons cull hundreds of religious books from libraries.
McKissic Resigns as Southwestern Seminary Trustee
Texas pastor cites conflict over private prayer languages at the Southern Baptist seminary.
Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws Strike Again--and May Get Worse
Christian sentenced to death, nursing school shut down.