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Map Your Journey
Share your spiritual history.
Life Mentors
Who has shaped you?
Words used well
Your words have power.
Are women happy with church?
A new study finds most women are satisfied with their church.
Hispanic influence grows in faith and national life.
The Online Pastor
Pixelate That!
Dramatic rise in broadcast nudity.
Beer and a Bump
Liturgy with Bite?
A new generation of snake-handling preachers is emerging
Word? Indeed!
Half of adults want more biblical influence on society.
The Facts and the Furious
News you can use
Best in Show
News you can use
I (Finally) Do
Cohabitating couples treated to free church wedding.
Six Reasons Young People Leave the Church
Barna President David Kinnaman examines the trend.
Cookie Cutter Community
Distressed by consumer Christianity, this church razed the ministries enjoyed by so many for so Iong—and started over.
Stale Sermon Illustrations?
These pop culture references belong in the dustbin.
The Demise of Guys?
Boys' brains are being rewired by video games and online porn.
The Isolation Generation
Excessive Internet use, online gaming, and porn are rewiring the male brain
Abuse Under Wraps
The Ultimate "No Brainer"