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The Caregiving Boom Needs Spiritual Support
By calling or circumstance, millions in the “sandwich generation” feel the weight and cost of tending to aging relatives.
The Secret Sin of ‘Mommy Juice’
Alcoholism among women is rising. Can the church help?
How IVF Made Its Way into Evangelical Pro-Life Debates
And what I wish I had considered before reproductive assistance.
Book Binders Save Bibles One at a Time
Craft businesses honor legacies of faith.
Transgender Teens, Pronouns, and Preferred Names: Youth Pastors Grapple with New Questions
In evangelical churches, Gen Z is forcing a discussion on LGBT hospitality.
Nashville Shooting Intensifies Attention Around Christian School Safety
Administrators are seeking ways to “be alert and sober minded,” adding specialized training, personnel, and physical upgrades.
Youth Pastors Ditch Gross-Out Games and Help Student Ministry Grow Up
Today’s groups are becoming more integrated with the rest of the church.
More Evangelical Women Are Leading Conversations on Sex
New voices, resources, and studies focus on wives’ experiences in the bedroom.
Candace Cameron Bure Has a New Home for the Holidays
The evangelical actor faces recent pushback for her decision to leave Hallmark for Great American Family, whose Christmas movies will center on “traditional marriage.”
Public Schools Aren’t Godless. Ask the Christians Who Feel Called to Stay.
Amid pandemic shifts and concerns over controversial curricula, more families have opted for private or homeschool. But many believers see their place in the system.
What Happens When You Ask Thousands of Evangelical Women About Sex
Sheila Gregoire’s research has Christians across the spectrum correcting harmful assumptions and bringing new attention to women’s pleasure in marriage.
When ‘Pro-Life’ Isn’t Enough: Abortion ‘Abolitionists’ Speak Up
Most Christians in the movement disagree with a vocal minority that pushes to criminalize women and opposes legal measures short of outright bans.
Uvalde Pastors Mourn Losses Close to Home
A Hispanic Baptist leader focuses on ministering to his family after his great-granddaughter dies in the school shooting.
Despite Pandemic Holdups, Christians Keep Shifting Foster Care Approach
Advocates address COVID-19 fallout and focus on family unity.
Sunday School Paused During the Pandemic. Will It Come Back?
A new report shows dramatic disruptions to religious education classes as fewer attend or volunteer.
Can a Podcast Fix Your Bible-Reading Habits?
The Bible in a Year and The Bible Recap started 2022 as the most popular podcasts and have held onto listeners verse by verse.
Texas Pregnancy Centers See Clientele Shift After Abortion Ban
With the Heartbeat Act restricting abortions after six weeks, the women coming in for tests are earlier along, more confused, and more desperate.
Ahead of the Holidays, Christian Charities Plan Around Supply Chain Holdups
Homeless ministries are preparing for higher costs and greater demand, while publishers and distributors relying on overseas shipping are also affected.
Ministries Help Job Seekers Find a Paycheck with a Purpose
After losing shift work and blue collar jobs during shutdowns, Christians are thinking more carefully about the work of their hands as they reenter the marketplace.
Bringing Birth Fathers Back into Adoption Narratives
This Father's Day, more families are recognizing the God-given dignity of adoptees’ biological dads.