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As More Brazilian Pop Stars Praise God with Their Lips, Does It Matter If Hearts Are Far?
Gospel music is soaring in popularity in Brazil, leading artists with little Christian background to release worship songs and pastors to mull motives.
‘Offering Everything They Have’: How Small Churches Are Saving Lives in Brazil’s Floods
In the country's most secular state, tiny congregations have made a big impact by their disaster response.
If Panama Closes the Darién Gap, Would Evangelicals Care?
(UPDATED) Migrant rights have been off-radar for many Panamanian Christians. But as pressures increase, some are speaking out ahead of this weekend’s general elections.
How the Gaucho Stole Easter in Uruguay
More than 100 years ago, Latin America’s most secular country abolished Christian holidays. Local church leaders have struggled to reclaim them since.
Brazilian Evangelicals Bring Their Political Playbook to Portugal
Immigrants from South America are a growing force in churches on the other side of the Atlantic. But their electoral initiative is viewed with reservations.
Was Carnival Rapture Warning Courageous or Inappropriate? Brazil Debates Eschatology
After pop star’s surprise witness ends with a bang, evangelical leaders discuss whether to axe apocalypse talk as ineffective evangelism.
Chilean Church Seeks ‘Spiritual Reconstruction’ After Deadly Fires
Multiple blazes torched at least eight evangelical churches, as pastors grieve and bury the dead.
How Brazilian Megachurches Became Global Church Planters
Satellite congregations are popping up wherever a critical mass can be found, from Florida to Portugal to Kazakhstan.