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Is Church Attendance Declining?
A new study says no. Also: Russian seminaries' enrollment woes, and more news on Christian higher education.
Innocence and Ambition at Patrick Henry College
A review of God's Harvard. Also: sorting out the faithful in Catholic higher education.
Do Children of the 'Unequally Yoked' Do Worse?
Plus: Ultimate questions about colleges' core curriculum and other news from the higher education world.
Church, State, and the Founding of America
Plus: Studying pagans, humanities vs. religion, and more.
Christian Smith on Why Christianity 'Works'
Plus: Baylor publishing woes, and other news from the higher education world.
Why College Doesn't Turn Kids Secular
Also: Richard Land on the footbath controversy, Falwell's big Liberty gift, and other stories about higher education and research.
Christian Higher Education Goes to Russia
Plus: One more argument against U.S. News rankings, and Silver Ring Thing goes to Harvard.
Springtime for Baylor Still Lies Ahead
Sloan's move out of the presidency isn't bad news. A view from inside Baylor.
God and Man at Baylor
Even if Robert Sloan fails, what he has set in motion is irreversible.