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On Stage and in Theaters, Corrie ten Boom Testifies Again
How Rabbit Room playwright A.S. Peterson adapted ‘The Hiding Place’ for a new generation.
Christians Worry About Getting Trampled Like Grass in Sudan Conflict
The African country has seen conflict and coup over and over, but this time, says historian Christopher Tounsel, believers are right in the middle of it.
Picturing the New Testament with 499 Line Drawings
Eastern European Bible mission is giving away art for ministry use.
Changing the Conversation on Climate Change
Q&A with evangelical organizer Tori Goebel on the difference 10 years makes and how a rising generation of Christians is looking for “avenues for action.”
We Three Kings? Interpretations of the Magi ‘Traverse Afar’
Q&A with religious studies scholar Eric Vanden Eykel on the history, mystery, memes, and meaning of the wise men in the Book of Matthew.
This Is Not the Most Important Election of Our Lives
Michael Wear, founder of the Center for Christianity and Public Life, on the state of American politics, what’s at stake in the midterms, and the temptation to “ultimatize” our issues.
You Should Be Bored in Church
Q&A with education professor Kevin Gary on the moral problem of the restless mind and why we need to learn to sit with tedium.
More than One Good Samaritan
Q&A with Jewish scholar Steven Fine on the history of a biblical minority.
Why a Presbyterian Elder Defended Muslims Building a Mosque in Middle Tennessee
Q&A with First Amendment champion Eric Treene on religious freedom, land use, and how the Westminster Confession contributed to his work at the Department of Justice.
How Black Holes Radiate God’s Glory
Q&A with Reasons to Believe astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink on collapsing stars, quantum gravity, why physics isn’t finished, and what that tells us about our creator.
Wanted: Church Planters. Reward: $50,000.
Q&A with Acts 29 president Matt Chandler on assessing narcissists, the challenge of COVID-19, and new opportunities for vibrant churches.
The Costly Gospel That Keeps Christian Pilots Flying to the Ends of the Earth
Q&A with Mission Aviation Fellowship President David Holsten on the challenges of reaching the most isolated villages in the world.
Can This Texas Pastor Lay Hands on an Inmate During Execution?
Q&A with SBC minister Dana Moore on the power of prayer in a state death chamber.
Promise Keepers President: It’s Unacceptable If My Black Brother Is Suffering
Ken Harrison says new men’s movement will continue pursuing racial reconciliation.
How Much Does Prayer Weigh?
Why scientists struggle to put this spiritual practice under the microscope.
How to Fake a Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls
And other things you wanted to ask an expert in forged biblical antiquities.
What A Church Does, in Dollars and Cents
A sociologist explains a congregation's contributions to the local economy.