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God’s Word Is Like Manna in the Middle East
Anne Zaki believes being “filled with Scripture” is key to living the faith in Egypt.
Zimbabwe Evangelicals Defend Catholics from Government’s ‘Genocide’ Accusations
Pentecostal leader explains 90 days of prayer for “the Zimbabwe God wants” as Christians lament problems under Mugabe’s successor, President Mnangagwa.
Lebanon Was Already in Turmoil. Then Came the Blast.
An evangelical Christian leader’s grief over a divided—and now devastated—country.
Report: ‘Tremendous Progress’ Ahead for Religious Freedom Worldwide
USCIRF chair Tony Perkins gives CT a behind-the-scenes look at today’s annual report on “systematic, ongoing, and egregious” violations.
When Islam Is Not a Religion in America
Muslim lawyer who helped Hobby Lobby and Hosanna-Tabor win at the Supreme Court details the difficulties Muslims face in securing the freedoms that US Christians demand.