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For South Korean Christians, Christmas Is a Ministry Quandary
Some see the holiday as the perfect time for outreach to North Korean defectors. Others aren’t so sure.
Nepal Earthquake Destroys Rural Churches, with Believers Pleading for Immediate Relief
More than 300 Christian families have been affected, says a local pastor.
Qi Gong: A Form of Exercise or a Doorway into the Spiritual World?
Christian leaders from mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore weigh in on the ancient Chinese practice—which includes tai chi—and its physical and divine connotations.
As Asian American Christians Decline, Most ‘Nones’ Still Feel Close to Religion
New Pew survey of 7,000 adults explores the beliefs and practices of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims and their affinity to Confucianism and Daoism.
‘We Do Need Healing’: What First Nation Christians Make of Australia’s Indigenous Representation Referendum
(UPDATED) Leaders want a seat at the table. Not all are sure about changing the Constitution.
Eating Bitterness: My Culture Helps Me Persevere. The Bible Helps Me Hope.
Both talk about endurance in suffering, but only Scripture encourages me to boast in my weakness.
Have China’s Christians Peaked? Pew Researches the Data Debate
New report examines the challenges of measuring religion among Chinese Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and other beliefs.
Young Christians in South Korea Are Apathetic About Reunification
“In my lifetime, I have never heard a church talk about reunification or peace between North and South Korea.”
Canada Incarcerated Her Japanese Neighbors, So She Moved with Them
Sunday school teacher Margaret Ridgway's wartime ministry had a significant impact on the next generation of missionaries and pastors.
Died: Reiji Oyama, Bible Translator Who Repented for Japan’s Wartime Sins
The humble pastor made the Word easy to understand for modern Japanese and sought to heal the "bitter enmity" with Korea.
Imagine Dragons More Biblically
The Chinese boat festival reminds us that Revelation’s serpent transcends Western and Eastern cultural concepts, say Asian biblical scholars.
Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Asian Girl Name
How did a name the Puritans made popular take off in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese immigrant circles?
Tim Keller Changed Church Planting, from City to City
From Beirut to Barcelona, pastors reflect on his influence.
Malaysia’s Death Penalty Is No Longer Mandatory. Advocate Wishes Christian Conversation Was.
Christian lawyer explains why loving your neighbor in the Muslim-majority country entails speaking up.
‘Suzume’ Opens a Door to the Spiritual Discipline of Delight
To journey out of nostalgia and amnesia, we need to pay attention to God’s presence in our present.
‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ and the Beautiful Mystery of God’s Silence
Who knew two nonverbal rocks had so much to say?
As South Korea’s Marriage Rates Decline, Churches Try to Bring Back Romance
But they struggle to promote "I dos" without sidelining single people in their flocks.
Can Bubble Tea Bring Gen Z into the Chinese Church?
The beloved drink is both an attraction and a generational divide.
Seek Prosperity Properly During Lunar New Year
It’s not wrong to celebrate our blessings. But Asian theologians and pastors advise how to do so in biblical, godly ways amid the festival’s red envelopes and best wishes.
Is Christmas a ‘Western’ Holiday in Asia?
Theologians and church leaders around the region share how December 25 is perceived in their contexts.