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President Obama's Faith Council Focuses On Human Trafficking Subscriber access only
NAE's Leith Anderson, Willow Creek's Lynn Hybels among council members.
Saudi Arabia Deports 35 Ethiopian Christians for Prayer Vigil Subscriber access only
Group has been imprisoned since December.
Court's Dismissal of Teacher's Discrimination Case Reflects Hosanna-Tabor Subscriber access only
Influence of landmark Supreme Court decision continues to spread.
Philippines Reproductive Health Bill Moves Forward After 14 Years Subscriber access only
Plan to provide contraceptives and sex ed draws controversy in Catholic archipelago.
Resignation of Ex-Spy Pastor in Sweden Recalls Fourth-Century Donatist Controversy Subscriber access only
Debate over whether former Communist informants can serve as ministers mirrors when Augustine took on the Donatists.
Gathering of Evangelical Roma in U.K. Reveals Gipsy Prejudice Subscriber access only
English nobleman apologizes for hosting Christian gypsy convention.
Retired Moody Radio Pastor Don Cole Dies at 89 Subscriber access only
Cole was also known for his missions work in Angola.
White Evangelicals Use Social Media More Than Other Religious Groups Subscriber access only
Survey prompts debate on how to best measure online religiosity.
Austria Affirms That Doctors Can Legally Circumcise Infants Subscriber access only
Questions raised after anti-circumcision ruling by appeals court in neighboring Germany.
Judge Rules 10-Year-Old Jewish Girl Can Convert To Christianity Despite Mother's Objection Subscriber access only
"Sometimes parents simply cannot agree on what is best for their child," British judge tells young girl.
"The World Is Sliding Backwards," Hillary Clinton Says Of International Religious Freedom Report Subscriber access only
State Department's annual summary indicates that oppression of religious minorities is on the rise.
Catholic-Owned Company Wins Temporary Injunction Against HHS Contraception Mandate Subscriber access only
Judge says mandate might violate Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
DreamWorks Buys VeggieTales's Owner Subscriber access only
Acquisition comes as Big Idea prepares to celebrate 20th anniversary.
Billy Graham Supports Chick-fil-A Subscriber access only
As fast-food purveyor takes fire for supporting traditional marriage, ailing evangelist announces plans to visit local franchise.
Chick-fil-A Controversy Draws In Jonathan Merritt's Sexuality Subscriber access only
After attempted outing by gay-activist blogger, Merritt gives exclusive interview about his personal history.
Gaza Christians Protest Alleged Forced Conversions Subscriber access only
Remnant community of 1,500 worries about how conversion and emigration might further lessen its numbers.
Brazil's March for Jesus Draws One Million Yet Concerns Theologians Subscriber access only
Annual march continues to grow as Brazilian evangelicals wrestle with quantity vs. quality.
Can Taxpayers Challenge State Funding Of Faith-Based Social Services If They Can't Challenge Federal Funding? Subscriber access only
(Updated) Kentucky agrees to change its child-care system in settlement of a long-running case against a Baptist foster agency.
Mexican Gang Attacks Christian Youth Group on Prayer Retreat Subscriber access only
Sexual assault of girls on prayer retreat is latest sign of how Mexico's drug-related violence is disrupting religious gatherings.
Syrian Christians Evacuated From Bombed-Out City of Homs Subscriber access only
Families released from Christian neighborhoods occupied by rebels.