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The Hardship Is Plentiful But the Workers Aren’t Few: Evangelicals Unite on Ukraine
20 European groups join as focus shifts to the internally displaced and their long-term trauma.
Nigerian Christians Protest Muslim-Muslim Ticket as a ‘Declaration of War’
Major political parties try to maximize the northern Muslim vote to rule Africa’s most-populous nation. Will a third-party presidential candidate reap the benefit of Christian frustration?
The British Are Coming: UK Takes Religious Freedom Torch from US
London ministerial and DC summit highlight transatlantic commitment by governments and NGOs to freedom of religion or belief.
The Surge in Arab Seminary Studies
Unlike many American counterparts, evangelical institutions in Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine enjoy an influx of students as they serve beyond their ivory towers.
Christians Fret as Muhammad’s Family Comes Under Fire
Hindu comments on wife Aisha and Shiite film on daughter Fatimah spark protests in India and England.
Pew: Israelis and Palestinians Find Favor in the Eyes of Americans
Survey shows citizens remain much preferred over their governments, while US polarization continues as youth shift support from Israel to Palestine.
Will US List Nigeria Again After Latest Religious Freedom Report?
Secretary Blinken warns Nigeria, Afghanistan, and other nations with unchecked violations, while USCIRF recommends additional countries of particular concern.
Owo Church Attack Kills Dozens of Nigerian Catholics on Pentecost Sunday
(UPDATED) Terrorists target Mass in Ondo, a normally peaceful southwestern state which recently passed grazing restrictions affecting Fulani herdsmen.
‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’: Ukrainian Orthodox Church Ruptures Relations with Russia
Possible manufacture of holy oil a signal of declaration of independence from Moscow patriarchate, while still opposing rival breakaway church.
Nigerian Christians Protest Deborah’s Death
Blasphemy killing of Sokoto student and ISWAP execution video are latest examples of sectarian tensions in Africa's largest nation.
Exodus, Judges, or Nehemiah: Lebanon’s Evangelicals Assess Surprising Election Victory
Amid a rapidly collapsing nation, Christians hope surge of new politicians opposed to traditional sectarian parties will follow biblical parallels.
What Is Antisemitism? Evangelicals Favor Different Definitions
European Evangelical Alliance becomes latest Christian group to sign onto IHRA working definition. Others favor Jerusalem Declaration alternative.
Photos Show Ukraine’s Bible Belt Struck Down But Not Destroyed
After Russia’s withdrawal from Kyiv suburbs, Irpin evangelical ministries emulate the scattered yet persevering church from Acts 8.
How Russian Christians View the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine
Torn between “pro-Putin” and “pro-prayer,” only a minority have spoken out publicly against the invasion. Ukrainian seminary leaders call for repentance.
Parsing Pacifism: Ukraine’s Mennonite Heritage Shapes Evangelical Responses to Russia
Anabaptists shaped the Slavic revival. The Sermon on the Mount encouraged endurance under Soviet persecution. But how does nonviolence work in a war?
Bucha Evangelical Leader Sees Russian Atrocities, Looks for God’s Hand
His home looted by retreating soldiers, Ukrainian seminary president Ivan Rusyn describes the spiritual impact of Christians serving amid death and devastation.
Despite Drop in Deportations, Turkey Still Troubles Christians
Hate speech rises as evangelicals grow more prominent on social media, amid ongoing difficulties to train pastors and register churches.
Azerbaijan’s Churches Explain Their Evangelism
Many evangelicals celebrate their freedom of religion in the Muslim-majority nation. Orthodox and Catholics urge: Go slow.
After War, Can Armenia’s Evangelicals and Orthodox Save Their Nation Together?
Some evangelicals thank Apostolic church for preserving their nation amid trials. Some priests fear Protestant newcomers will divide it.
What Ukraine’s Evangelical Women Want Known About Russia’s War
From preparing food to making Molotov cocktails, Christian women contribute to resistance, while some fear the divide between those who stayed and those who fled.