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Suing for Peace: Can Clerics Reconcile Armenia and Azerbaijan Better Than Courts?
One year since the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, Russian-led reconciliation summit is the first meeting between spiritual leaders since 2017.
Egypt’s President Promotes Religious Choice During Human Rights Rollout
Some Copts cheer Sisi’s stance and new five-year reform strategy, while others focus on absence of attention to problematic ID cards and reconciliation committees.
Pew: US, France, and Korea Are Most Divided—Especially over Religion
Survey of almost 19,000 adults in 17 nations examines societal conflict between different religions, political parties, races and ethnicities, and urban and rural communities.
Christians Welcome Coup in Guinea
After yet another military overthrow of a democratically elected leader in West Africa, minority evangelicals debate the role of faith in politics.
Good News for Iraq’s Christians: More Autonomy, Less Dhimmitude
As Erbil Christians finally get to govern themselves, Chaldean Catholic archbishop Bashar Warda explains to CT how ISIS freed Christians from the centuries-old understanding that they are second-class citizens.
How a Jewish Evangelical Won Trust with Arab Muslim Leaders
Apocalyptic fiction writer Joel Rosenberg’s new book describes his behind-the-scenes interactions with crown princes and presidents in search of peace and religious freedom.
Pew: Religious Terrorism at Record Low, Government Persecution at Record High
Countries with religion-related terrorist activity at a record low of 49 after five consecutive years of decline. Yet 28 nations still suffered more than 50 people injured or killed.
Moroccan Christians Welcome End of a Decade of Islamist Government
Liberal parties, led by billionaire, surge to power in constitutional monarchy, but debate hinges on economy not religious freedom.
Evangelicals Endorse Unprecedented Ecumenical Plea for the Environment
Ahead of a UN climate summit, Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican leaders jointly promote a “Season of Creation.”
Crusaders No More: What Arab Christians and Muslims Think of Mascot Changes
(UPDATED) Evangel and Valparaiso are the latest university sports teams to replace a contested symbol of Christian history.
Dari TV Host: Afghanistan Will Now See ‘Pure Christianity’
As satellite ministry becomes one of the few ways under the Taliban to reach local believers, SAT-7 Afghan pastor reflects on the gospel impact of the US military withdrawal.
Christian and Muslim Leaders Agree on Legitimacy of Evangelism
World Evangelical Alliance and Nahdlatul Ulama sign the Nation’s Mosque Statement on sidelines of the 2021 International Religious Freedom Summit, seeking a “harmonious world order.”
Summit Produces a ‘Pentecost’ Moment for International Religious Freedom
First IRF summit led by civilians not governments pulls off bipartisan participation as attendees welcome news on next ambassador.
Will Central Asia Become ‘Stans’ for Religious Freedom?
Kazakhstan pledges improvements at 2021 IRF Summit in Washington DC, following footsteps of neighboring Uzbekistan.
New Museum Stakes Claim for the Bible in US History—Right Next to the Liberty Bell
Faith and Liberty Discovery Center traces Scripture’s presence at America’s founding and reminds visitors that “faith guides liberty toward justice.”
Evangelicals Ask Pope Francis to Help Save Lebanon
Visiting the Vatican for a Christian summit, leaders explain why the problems of sectarian politics have become unbearable.
Messianic Jews Say ‘Fake Rabbi’ Was Wrong Way to Reach the Ultra-Orthodox
Unpacking the motives of an accused undercover American in Israel and lessons learned for Christians wanting to engage Haredi Jews.
Lebanon’s Christian Schools Are Full of Muslims—and They Need Help
Devastating deflation means evangelical and Catholic schools can barely pay teachers and keep classes open. Yet it’s cheaper than ever for the global church to support them.
The American Mosque: More Suburban, Less Conversion
As “mosque planting” and “unmosqued youth” increasingly resemble patterns in the church, evangelical experts reflect on implications for faith and witness.
Algeria Returns a Historic Church, But Stops Christian Worship at 20 Others
One court yields keys to colonial-era worship site, while another issues verdict for prominent pastor facing proselytism charges.