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Richard Stearns: ‘Every Day Is a Celebration’ Subscriber access only
After 20 years of tackling the “hole in our gospel,” World Vision's most recent president is fine retiring from World Vision with some tasks unfinished.
Incredible Indian Christianity: A Special Report on the World’s Most Vibrant Christward Movement Subscriber access only
Why it’s the best and worst of times for India’s burgeoning churches.
Grapes of Wrath: Refugees Face Steinbeck Scenario in Lebanon's Napa Valley Subscriber access only
While US debates resettling 10,000 Syrians, a country smaller than Connecticut struggles with hosting 1.5 million.
Hope on the Refugee Highway: A Special Report on Christians in Iraq and Greece Subscriber access only
CT visited eight refugee camps to learn how Christians on the front lines would advise American churches to engage the refugee crisis.
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What Wheaton, Hawkins, and Others Said at Public Reconciliation Attempt Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Ryken: We are 'trusting as a campus for God to restore what's been lost.' Hawkins: 'Embodied solidarity continues its journey.'
Special Report: Will Success Spoil Cuba’s Revival? Subscriber access only
With relaxed travel rules, Cuban leaders wonder whether Americans will dampen their churches’ zeal.
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The Christian Case for Not Giving Up on the World's Most Fragile State Subscriber access only
Why World Vision and local Christian leaders remain hopeful about South Sudan.
World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Christians in Same-Sex Marriages Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) President Richard Stearns: 'Certain beliefs are so core to our Trinitarian faith that we must take a strong stand on those beliefs.'
World Vision: Why We're Hiring Gay Christians in Same-Sex Marriages Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Controversial decision reversed days after president Richard Stearns explains change is a symbol of Christian ‘unity’ not ‘compromise.’
Nigerian States Propose Religion Limits as Gunmen Kill 19 at Bible Study Subscriber access only
Continued surge in sectarian violence has local governments debating how to stop it.
Steve Saint Partly Paralyzed Testing New Missionary Tech Subscriber access only
Son of martyred missionary Nate Saint invented flying car to advance indigenous missions.
The Fight for Egypt's Future Subscriber access only
Coptic Christians test new strategies to thrive in an Islamist Egypt.
The Messy Business of Clean Water in Africa Subscriber access only
Drilling for truth in the Central African Republic.
A Double-Edged Sword Subscriber access only
Pastors split over Bible reading in schools as fix for violence.
'Something Better Than Revival' Subscriber access only
Buenos Aires pastors believe their city of 13 million should have only one church.
Do You Hear What I Hear? Subscriber access only
The deaf are virtually an 'unreached people group,' but an Illinois ministry is remedying that one video at a time.
A Grounded Faith Subscriber access only
Mexican ministry branches out beyond tree planting to bring healing to souls in a barren land.
Mass Arrest: Christianity and the Deadly Mexico Drug War Subscriber access only
Police raid on service shows that churches are no longer neutral observers.
Quotation Marks Subscriber access only
Recent remarks on the Anglicans' teaching on sexuality, ancient catacombs advertisements, Tim Tebow's virginity, and other news developments.
Go Figure Subscriber access only
Get the numbers on scientists who believe in God, volunteers, and Americans who say they are born again.