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Little Colleges That Could Subscriber access only
How five small Christian schools are adapting to the new environment.
Fight Between Erskine College and Its Denomination Will Head to Court Subscriber access only
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church fired board members, alleging mission drift.
Boycotting Bloggingheads Subscriber access only
Reaction to an Intelligent Design debate shows limit to public discussion.
A New Way to Finance Education Subscriber access only
For-profit Christian education is becoming more attractive.
When the War Never Ends Subscriber access only
Many vets are ambushed by post-traumatic stress disorder. But some churches are coming to their defense.
Iowa Churches: We Need to Be Clear on Same-Sex Marriage Subscriber access only
But pastors disagree whether last week's court decision should mean more activism on the issue.
Translation Tiff Subscriber access only
Some Jamaicans aren't eager to see a Bible in the country's majority language.
Foreign Correspondence Subscriber access only
Muslim and Christian leaders seek common ground in conciliatory letters.
ID Tagged Subscriber access only
Faculty member at Iowa State University denied tenure for supporting intelligent design.
Pinching Pennies Subscriber access only
The dollar's fall has squeezed missionary budgets—with no reprieve in sight.
Voting Values Subscriber access only
New poll suggests that the Iraq war may trump abortion and gay marriage.
Choosing a Side Subscriber access only
New Amnesty International policy says abortion shouldn't be illegal.