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Matt Chandler, the Preacher Stung by Joy
The young Reformed pastor is supposed to take the Acts 29 Network to the ends of the earth. Why he may be just the man to do it.
The Mission Of Business
Companies around the globe are mixing profits with gospel ministry.
Praise and Dismay for Senate Scrutiny of Ministries' Finances
While some cheer inquiry into alleged misuses of church funds, others fear government intrusion.
Gospel Riches
Africa's rapid embrace of prosperity Pentecostalism provokes concern--and hope.
Devastated by an Affair
How churches heal after the pastor commits adultery.
Obituary: Racial Reconciler Spencer Perkins
Vineyard: Vineyard Founder Wimber Dies
Todd Hunter seen as possible successor.
Building the Church (of God in Christ)
This Pentecostal church is America’s fifth-largest denomination and one of its fastest growing. It predates the Assemblies of God and is twice their size. What is up with the Church of God in Christ?
Nursing's New Age?
Closing the Borders
Ministries Pursue Disputed Funds
Pope Issues Call for Christian Unity
Protestants expectant, but cautious.
Guns and Bibles
Militia extremists blend God and country into a potent mixture.
ARTICLE: Black Southern Baptists
The SBC's valiant efforts to overcome its racist past.
COG Founder Berg Dead at 75
Is Laughing for the Lord Holy?
Airport Vineyard's "Blessing" draws Toronto charismatic crowds.