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The Crusader
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke brings old-time gospel back to America.
Booming Churches, Barred Pastors: How U.S. Visa Policies Thwart Hiring Ministers
A 2008 crackdown on religious worker visas has left many immigrant churches in the lurch.
Discipling the Dragon: Christian Publishing Finds Success in China
Despite stringent controls, 1,300 Christian books are now available—legally—inside the communist country.
A Senior Moment
The elderly population is steadily growing and will be for years. How some ministries are embracing the challenge.
Surprised by Addiction
These ministers faced their compulsions—and stayed in ministry.
Surprised by Addiction
These ministers faced their compulsions""and stayed in ministry.
Youth with a Passion
In its first 50 years, YWAM has deployed four million workers in 240 countries. Now it sets its sights on 152 remaining unreached people groups.
The Most Diverse Gathering Ever
Lausanne III is pulling a cross-section of 4,000 world leaders to keep the gospel front and center.
Ergun Caner Out as Seminary Dean
Geisler, Ankerberg defend former Muslim despite non-renewal of contract.
Bloggers Target Seminary President
Liberty's Ergun Caner accused of false statements in his testimony about converting from Islam.
The iSeminary Cometh
Online education is jolting seminaries with rapid enrollment growth.
Land and Building Wars
A handful of parishes win the right to keep their property, but legal experts don't know if their cases are setting a precedent.
Liberty Unbound
How Jerry Falwell's ambitious sons have led the Lynchburg university to financial success and a burgeoning student body.
A Simple, Old-Fashioned Fundraiser
How does an Anabaptist charity get donors to give $1,200 a year?
The Not-for-Profit Surge
Even in tough times, your favorite charities are doing better than anyone expected.
Yechiel Eckstein: Evangelicals’ Favorite Rabbi
The ultimate kibitzer wants Jews to trust evangelicals, and evangelicals to love Israel.
Preach and Reach
Despite his liberal record, Barack Obama is making a lot of evangelicals think twice.
In Sickness and in Health
It doesn't make sense to start out "in sickness"—or does it?
Healing ORU
$70 million and Mart Green's business acumen are repairing a scandal-scarred school.
A Case Study of Small-Group Accountability
How the Samson Society is helping men escape from the trap of sexual addiction