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At McLean Bible, Mike Kelsey Is Reimagining the Multiethnic Church
After trials and turmoil, the first Black lead pastor at the DC-area megachurch will be commissioned with a nod to his heritage.
Canadian Evangelical Scholar Fired Following University Investigation
A Christian college terminated John G. Stackhouse after an independent report alleged a pattern of inappropriate remarks to students. The professor challenges the findings.
Largest US Christian College Fined $37.7M
Grand Canyon says it hasn’t misrepresented its program costs and is being unfairly targeted by the Department of Education.
Christians Give at Record Levels to Fund Israel Relief
The war has spurred millions in donations to ministries that provide everything from emergency supplies to security gear for future attacks.
International House of Prayer Founder Mike Bickle Accused of Sexual Abuse
Former IHOPKC leaders bring forward what they say are credible allegations from several women over decades of ministry.
Should Christians Share a Conference Stage with Theological Opponents?
Jackie Hill Perry, Sean McDowell, and others explain why they appear alongside speakers with different stances and when they’d refuse to join a lineup.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Let Back in San Jose Schools After Court Rejects District’s ‘Double Standard’
Ninth Circuit ruling boosts First Amendment protections for faith groups denied campus access.
German Homeschoolers in US Avoid Deportation
UPDATED: The Christian family says their status had been revoked without warning.
Tony Evans Brings Up the Mixed Emotions of Remarriage After Loss
His engagement announcement reflects the complications of grief and celebration that Christians experience with second marriages.
DeSantis Partners with Pastors in Attempt to Gain on Trump
Even with his new faith coalition and bolder pro-life convictions, few evangelicals are stepping away from the former president and GOP frontrunner.
Wheaton College Releases Report on Its History of Racism
Task force and trustees call for community repentance, starting with a change to the name of the library.
4 in 10 Evangelicals Say They’ve Been Visited by the Dead
Despite Scripture’s warning against communication from beyond the grave, most consider hearing from loved ones to be a comfort in their grief.
Pastor in Trump Indictment Released After Supporters Cover His Bail
Illinois pastor Stephen Lee was back in church on Sunday, thanks in part to fundraising help from a Christian advocacy group.
Christian Standard Bible Finds Its Place in ‘Crowded’ Evangelical Market
The six-year-old CSB translation has recently climbed to the No. 2 spot on monthly bestseller list.
Two Anglican Church Plants Leave for the Episcopal Church
Resurrection South Austin is the latest to go, citing issues around race, women, sexual minorities, and abuse response.
Some Southern Baptist Women Worry About a ‘Narrowing’ Complementarianism
Recent debates have left them discouraged and uncertain about what’s next for female leaders.
Southern Baptists Committed to Abuse Reform. What Happened?
With the female-pastor debate getting the most attention, the slow work to address abuse plods on.
Southern Baptists Reject Rick Warren’s Saddleback Appeal
The move to disfellowship churches with female pastors in top positions has spurred a larger debate.
After Online Debates, Southern Baptists Get Down to Business
Top issues at the annual meeting in New Orleans include Saddleback, female pastors, abuse reform, and entity finances.
Died: Pat Robertson, Broadcast Pioneer Who Brought Christian TV to the Mainstream
With CBN, “The 700 Club,” Regent, the Christian Coalition, and a run for president, he changed evangelicals’ place in public life.