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CRC Clashes Over Future of Historic Chinese American Church
Once a hub for Reformed thought and a waystation for immigrants, a New York City congregation finds itself at the center of a property dispute.
Ministering to the 9/11 First Responders Who Never Had to Be Told to ‘Never Forget’
Twenty years after terrorist attack, the spiritual needs of survivors continue.
Pastors Take to the Streets to Combat NYC Gun Violence
Responding with their feet, ministers bring ‘the simplest form of the gospel’ to tense situations.
Democratic Candidate Says She Has the Faith to Turn Western Michigan Blue
Hillary Scholten hopes to flip a House seat with appeals to deep Dutch Reformed roots.
Redeeming Condos, Presbyterians Buy NYC Building for $30 Million
The church Tim Keller founded is part of a hidden trend turning real estate into worship space.
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The Virtue and Necessity of Mentorship
Successful students remember the professors who guided them.