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Southern Baptist Digital Hymnal Gets Saved
Worship leaders convince curriculum company of the value of lifewayworship.com.
Let the Anxious Children Sing to Me
New worship music offers today’s young believers a wider range of emotions and greater spiritual depth.
Forrest Frank Is Making the Internet’s Vibiest Christian Music
His upbeat hits and worship collaborations are capturing younger listeners on social media.
Christian Radio Sues Over Disparity in Streaming Costs
Discrimination case claims that noncommercial religious broadcasters are paying far more than fellow stations to cover royalties for music played online.
Your Church Drummer Has More and Less to Do These Days
How the keeper of the beat is adapting to shifts in worship music.
For the Warming of the Earth: Worshiping in the Age of Creation Care
Christian artists work at the intersection of music and climate change.
Singing About Jesus’ Blood Is Weird, But We Do It Anyway
Even if Elevation’s Easter invites don’t spotlight the Crucifixion, it remains central to their worship.
From Passion to the Pews, Major Conferences Inspire Local Worship
Arena events serve as the proving grounds for new music.
Died: Michael Knott, Christian Alternative Musician Who Helped Launch Tooth & Nail
Knott wrote rock operas, sang with honesty and conviction, called out hypocrites, and bucked the norms of the Christian music industry.
Where Worship Doesn’t Translate
How groups like Hillsong learned to let go of the literal in favor of creative collaboration.
Tradwife Content Offers Fundamentalism Fit for Instagram
The latest influencer movement wants to “bring back” a narrow vision of biblical womanhood with pretty pictures, long dresses, and homemade bread.
Big, Big Market: Why CCM Filled ’80s and ’90s Homes
Recent histories, documentaries, and devotionals prompt fans to look back—and perhaps learn some lessons—from the genre’s heyday.
Sing Holy Forever … or Until TikTok Pulls the Audio
What Universal Music Group’s catalog removal means for our favorites from Hillsong, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin, and more.
‘How Great Thou Art’ Gets a New Verse in Matt Redman Collaboration
Songwriters and hit worship singers including Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin, and Mitch Wong come together to celebrate the hymn’s 75th anniversary.
Mary Told Us What She Knew—In Song
Christians have to look beyond the typical Christmas carol lineup for music that captures the deeper themes of the Magnificat.
Have Yourself a Bluesy/Lo-Fi/Choral/Global Little Christmas
CT picks 7 new holiday albums to add to your favorites.
Should We Sing About Drowning Our Enemies?
Elevation’s recent hit has stirred a broader discussion on how to incorporate imprecatory language in worship without being triumphalist.
People Say Worship Music All Sounds the Same. They Might Mean Something Else.
Complaints about the emerging genre may have to do with the discomfort with monoculture surrounding it.
The Debate over Concert Worship Goes Back Eras
Taylor Swift’s “transcendent” stadium tour got Christians once again talking about whether secular stages point us to God’s common grace or just another idol.
Christian Moms Feel More Pressure to Get It Right
Today’s resources aim to offer reassurance instead of adding to the weight parents already feel.