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Is Buying Your Way Onto the Bestseller List Wrong?
A year after Mark Driscoll's church got caught manipulating the New York Times list, authors and publishers question a practice that extends far beyond Mars Hill.
Sorry 666: Churches Fear 990 More
How more ministries going digital could unwittingly aid atheists targeting church tax breaks.
Is Neutrality Neutral?
Policy changes aiming for unity at two major Christian organizations spark backlash.
Matchmaker for Missionaries Tackles a Top Reason They Quit
As singles on the field double, a new site seeks to help them find spouses (and friends).
Fall Off the Bible-in-a-Year Wagon?
That’s okay, experts say. Biblical comprehension is more important than completing prescribed reading plans.
Should Christians Read Through the Entire Bible in One Year?
Thinking about starting back at Genesis 1 this New Year's? Experts weigh in on whether that's the best plan.
YouTube's Blocked Testimony
(UPDATED) An ex-Muslim’s lawsuit has implications for law and church.
Churches: The New Risky Bet
Foreclosures are slowing—except for congregations.
Resignation of America's Ambassador for Religious Freedom Offers 'Dramatic Opportunity'
(UPDATED) Why Suzan Johnson Cook stepped down, and why it produces 'sense of hope' among advocates at a second chance.
Sponsoring a Movement
Former sponsored children like Moses Pulei pay it forward in their hometowns.
Faith-Themed Television Boosted by 'The Bible'
Is another chase after Passion dollars a good thing?
How Missionaries Are Changing Medicine
Why we'll see more impressive discoveries in the field.
No Charges Filed in $148 Million Cornerstone Bankruptcy Case
Statute of limitations expires on PCA-linked failure that wiped out 3,500 investors.
Schools Tussle Over Sex Standards
(UPDATED) Why are fired teachers still suing Christian schools?
Opening the Adoption Files
Secrecy gives way to relationships with birth mothers.
Foreign Adoptions in Short Supply
But demand is high as evangelicals adopt wider variety of children than ever.
Book Buyer Beware? It's Christian Fiction.
Controversy brews over labels on Christian novels.
Marketing Martyrs: Does Iranian Pastor's Theology Impact Advocacy on His Behalf?
Youcef Nadarkhani's beliefs raises strategic questions.
Sex Offender Misstep Illustrates Outreach Difficulties
A law prohibiting convicted sex offenders from living near a public-school bus stop created complications for one ministry.
Should Sunday School Be for the Whole Family?
Church youth need more exposure to adults.