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"How Dreary to Be Somebody"
The life of Alice James.
The Tree of Life
"Love every leaf, every ray of God's light."
The Mission to Hawaii
Imperialism? Evangelism? Both.
In nightclubs, coffeehouses, and iPods, true first-person storytelling is becoming a cultural force as it borrows from Christian tradition.
An Argument against 'Settling Down'
Instead of chastising young adults for being noncommittal, the church might encourage 20-somethings to seek what God wants them to commit 'to'.
Are You Happy Now?
How to think about the inverse trend of women's rights and women's happiness.
Shepherding Employees
Chaplains enter the workplace.
Low Expectations Follow Annapolis Summit
Evangelicals disagree on how to pursue peace, but agree that the renewed Israeli-Palestinian talks may accomplish little.
More Women Are Being Ordained
The Church of England ordained more women to the priesthood than men.
Literary Giant Dies
Norman Mailer dies less than a month after his book on God is published.
Sexy Evangelicalism
A new novel explores sex and abstinence in the evangelical subculture.
Optional by Necessity
Dave Eggers' latest anthology of "Nonrequired Reading."
Classical Christian College Education(s)
Two classical Christian colleges are at philosophical odds.
Campus Capitalism
Colorado Christian firing raises questions about university's politics.