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Liberating Faith
When Korea threw off Japanese rule in 1945, it was as much a victory for the church as for the nation.
Bible Society Drops President
Paul Irwin had hired a Web consultant with porn ties.
No Habla Espanol
Why should we care if colleges cancel foreign-language programs?
Ken Behr Resigns
Head of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability was on the job just over two years.
The Bible, Illuminated by Fashion Photography
The project leader of a magazine-format Bible hopes images will provoke people to read Scripture.
Pen Pals (Again)
Another Christian group responds to last fall’s Muslim letter advocating for peace.
Archbishop Murdered
Iraqi church leader killed by kidnappers.
EA Head to Resign
Joel Edwards was the first black general director of the U.K.’s evangelical umbrella organization.
Worshipers of the ‘One True God’
Is shared monotheism the best starting place for Muslim-Christian dialogue?
Evangelical Power Failure
Is a split voting bloc worth courting at all?
More from Huckabee
Surprise victor across the South tells supporters he'll be in the White House next year.
'Something Good Is Going to Happen to You'
Oral Roberts University receives checks for $62 million
'Bless and Do Not Curse'
What should happen to ESPN's Dana Jacobson?
What Does Iowa Mean?
Today’s caucus results matter very little—or make all the difference in the world—depending on who you ask.
Bhutto Assassinated
Bomb blast takes the life of Pakistan's former prime minister and at least a dozen others
Anyone Want to Talk About Health Care?
It’s time for Christian leaders to tackle the issue.
California Fires Update
Churches and Christian groups continue to assist with relief efforts.
Retooling Seminary
Northern Baptist's new strategy: to reach more students with less.
Where Do We Stand on Immigration?
Evangelicals don't lack for convictions, just wisdom.
Cross Purposes
Biggest Christian conference splits amid growing atonement debate.