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Southern Baptists End Investigation of Theology Professors at Kentucky University Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) University cuts ties with state convention even though convention investigation concluded theologically conservative professors were welcome at Campbellsville University.
Son of Dead Sea Scrolls Scholar Faces Jail for Impersonating Father's Critic Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) In spite of overturned law, state's highest court affirms sentence for man who sent fake emails in order to damage other scholars' reputations.
Church of England Set to Ordain Female Bishops Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Church votes to allow women bishops, one year ahead of predicted approval.
What To Give Up for Lent 2014? Twitter Reveals Top 100 Choices Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Barna breaks down which Americans are celebrating this year, while Stephen Smith tracks what 100,000+ Twitter users are pledging in real-time.
FBI, IRS Investigate Machine Gun Preacher's Property Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Sam Childers tells TV station: Agents 'totally destroyed' orphanage supplies, but he's 'got nothing to hide.'
Another Christian College Selects Woman as President Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Two gains and one trade now leave Council for Christian Colleges and Universities with nine female leaders.
Judge Rules on Texas Abortion Bans That Made Wendy Stand Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Does today's decision vindicate pro-choice Texas senator's half-day filibuster?
Latest Stop in Race for World's Tallest Jesus Statue: War-Torn Syria Subscriber access only
Beleaguered pilgrimage destination that still speaks Aramaic just one of many cities eclipsing Rio de Janeiro.
Imprisoned Missionary in North Korea Visited by Mother Subscriber access only
Bae has been confined for 11 months and is now hospitalized.
What Winter Olympics, Mass. Governor's Race, and Uganda LGBT Laws Have in Common: One Pastor Subscriber access only
Controversy over Scott Lively overshadows interesting Supreme Court ruling.
Church Health Plans Jeopardized by 'ObamaCare' Standoff Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) While House tries to defund president's healthcare program, current rules overlook church employees for crucial tax credits.
Large Layoffs at Two Colorado Springs Ministries Subscriber access only
Focus on the Family makes digital shift, while NavPress partners with Tyndale.
Qatar Accuses Christian Parents of Harvesting Organs from Adopted African Daughter Subscriber access only
Police skeptical that American Christians would adopt children who are not 'good-looking' or lack same 'hereditary traits.'
Why One of Europe's Poorest Countries Is Building a New Church Every Three Days Subscriber access only
Is Romania trying too hard to make up for past Communist wrongs against churches?
Radio Ads Continue 'Largest Ever' Immigration Reform Effort by Evangelicals Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Local pastors in 14 states recruited for $400,000 campaign by Evangelical Immigration Table.
Will New Jersey's Ban on Reparative Therapy for Gay Youths Fare Better Than California's? Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Chris Christie signs second state ban, but first still blocked by appeals court.
Another Surprise Twist in Pakistan's 'Turning Point' Blasphemy Case Subscriber access only
Imam's arrest, 'widely lauded,' takes another turn.
Was Benny Hinn's Brother Restored to Ministry Too Soon After Affair? Subscriber access only
Most leaders agree: pastors can return to pulpits after adultery. But they disagree on how long it should take.
Gordon MacDonald Diagnosed with Brain Tumor Subscriber access only
Noted pastor and author reveals 'difficult news' from doctor.
Prison Reforms for Drug Offenders Split Christian Leaders Subscriber access only
Prison Fellowship and NAE favor new policies. Southern Baptists' ethics commission disagrees.